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  1. Hello! Made an account here in order to share my sentiment as well, because why not. This game was undoubtedly one of the best things about having an Xbox 360, something I could keep coming back to for years, it was that good. I only just heard about the remaster from my younger brother around Christmas Eve and immediately went and threw money at Sony in order to nab it for myself and two longtime friends, and yeah, this bug has effectively ended the adventure in the Thieves' Forest. (Too many screen transitions, too many chances of the host being trapped in perpetual loading) I really hate to bother, as I know you guys are a small team, but is there any way for us to get a progress update on the fix for this? I'll gladly wait as long as necessary, but I'd also like to have a ballpark estimate on how long that might be, because it seems like this has been going on for 3+ months. Warm regards, The Snack Bandit (Hope you all had a great holiday this year, by the way!)