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  1. Update: Closing the game and starting it again fixed the issue. Getting a kiss from one princess got the trophy to pop.
  2. Sorry to revive a dormant thread, but I've just had this issue as well. I earned the Kay Eye Ess Ess trophy and the "Your trophy did not save successfully" came up. Retry didn't work and continue just went back to the game. This was done in local co-op with another player who had already earned it on her PSN profile, however, so I don't know if this makes a difference; we've both earned the same trophies on the same PS4, though. My region is the United States and I'm playing in English. I haven't swapped languages since downloading. The trophies I have earned (without incident) include: Traditional, The Traitor, Deer Trainer, Conscientious Objector, Maximum Firepower, Melee is Best, and Treasure Hunter