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  1. I recently bought CC:Remastered for Nintendo Switch. It supposedly comes with all the DLCs, but some of the content from the DLCs is missing in the game. For example, I can select the Pink Knight as a character, but most of their weapons are missing from the Black Smith (for example, broccoli sword). Are all those weapons now findable / unlockable? Do they need to be "turned on" somehow? I've previously bought Castle Crashers on two other systems and bought the DLCs and these weapons were available from the beginning. As well, some of the playable characters are missing as well. I can play the Pink Knight and Purple Knight, but I cannot play the King from the start. I thought that was part of the King Pack DLC that is now included... but now do I have to unlock all those characters. I assumed there is a trick here and the DLC content is not as accessible as it has been in the past. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I bought Castle Crashers Remastered on my Nintendo Switch that supposedly comes with all the DLCs, but a bunch of the content from the DLCs are missing like all the extra DLC-specific weapons. For example, I see the Pink Knight is selectable as a character, but none of their weapons show up at the blacksmith. Do I have to do anything to activate these DLC features?