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  2. We need Castle Crashers 2 NOW !!!
  3. Yea I just played online with my friend who has a level 99 and we just beat every level while I did a juggling combo to help him
  4. You still have to unlock the dlc swords like ps3 version
  5. Rock Paper Scissors it is basically the players or cpu doing a combo heavy beats light light heavy beats heavy and light then heavy heavy which beats all
  6. Sword is my golden sword pet is Pelter and knight is fencer
  7. Maybe not fan made but I would like to also see battle block theatre and alien hominid card games too
  8. I really want mobile and maybe a Xbox series x and ps5 port in the future
  9. I thinks 99 is useless because at lvl 78 you already max out all of your stats so it’s useless to get to 99