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  1. oof i just realized the last time someone replied to this was 2014 this is 2020 now. bruh moment
  2. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOWWWWWWWWW OMGGGG!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MELTED COW!!!! Ok. Here's my theory; Hatty Hattington is still alive, he is just in a vegetative state allowing him to keep living under water. We also know that in the pit people ending, when Honey Kiss grabbed Hatty, he tilted his head up and was like, "what the heck?" THIS PUTS ME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT HONEYHUG IS THE NARRATOR OF BATTLEBLOCK THEATER!!! IT makes sense because in pit people, the ending scene where honey kiss and honey hug were bonded with souls repetively saying "I love you." And when Honey Hug said i love you it sounded EXACTLY just like the narrator in Battleblock theater!! People kept criticizing me saying, No that doesnt make sense because the narrator said stuff like he was actually experiencing it or had experienced it before. BUT THANKS TO MELTED COW WE all know that HOneyHug was once the owner of that hat. And the hat wasn't all that bad before. at first it was for good leaders but just like melted cow said, he made a rage and put a curse on it. Also i think the reason that Hatty killed Honey hug was because that honeyhug didnt really care and was saying weird things about him. Like "Oh well ur friends a vegetable blah blah blah things happen" and then he just started to sing about pants. Also in the ending of pit people, (when u complete it TWO times) It shows that honey kiss used her wish to ressurect honey hug, and when it shows honeyhug he looks pretty dang mad honestly, maybe signifying that the next game of the Behemoth will show HoneyHug trying to take revenge on Hatty Hattington. And to back up my theory about honeyhug being narrator, its pretty much common sense because in pit people, Honeykiss was the narrator so it only makes sense for honeyhug to be narrator in BBT. Ight i think thats it for my theory.
  3. Edit: the link of Honeyhug and honeykiss saying i love you was muted, so heres another link. (Skip to 5:00)
  4. Do you guys not know that Honey Hug is the narrator? This is obviously seen because in the Pit People final cutscene, (The part when Honeykiss and Honeyhug were saying "I love you.") you can hear Honeyhug saying I love you with the EXACT SAME VOICE AS THE NARRATOR!!!! If you don't believe me, then compare the audio. this is for pit people. this is for Battle Block theater.