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  1. Hey if u want new characters for castle crashers go to the comment section and type smth. (Mods count too.)
  2. Cant wait to play castle crashers on my nokia 3310.
  3. Hello, have you finished the insane with at least one character on steam? Can you help me skip some levels? I do not care if i skipped some levels. I keep my integridy in this game by not cheating via cheat engine. Like getting lvl 256 stats and just rushing trough it. If you could help and are up to it add me to your friend list on steam my nickname is i hate juice. (im not kidding) And yeah lets play
  4. go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\CastleCrashers\data\sounds there are basically all files from the game and yes you can mod the game it is legal if you re not sure go ask the developers them self on their website thebehemoth.com Btw i am big cc enthusiast so if you'll do any work add me on steam : I h8 juice is my name