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  1. I recently noticed FurBottom's Features ar no longer available on XBox. Now I'm wondering if all achievements are still unlockable, especially Theater Critic and Theater Manager. Is it possible to gain these by using level editor created levels by someone else's profile for example on a memory unit (or usb stick)? If not, would it be possible to release a patch for the game to make this possible or adding some fixed levels to the user created section or even make these achievements unlock when trying to access FurBottom's Features on XBox? I can imagine that this is not a major programming effort. What do you think? I would really like to be able to complete this shining game. I recently completed two older games, one of which is less well known and no longer available on XBox Live. But to my suprise all functions were still available. (Okay, the only online functions were leaderboards but I was still suprised.) I was just as suprised when I read The BattleBlock Theater service is not available. And I thought about technical problems because I did not think it was possible the service really was already shut down. Also considering the game is still one of the most popular (arcade) games on the XBox in my opinion and still purchased by people these times. Then I googled it and found out what is the matter. Now I can only say how happy I would be if this outstanding game were still completable by me and other people. So I would be really glad if you were able to schedule this for somewhen in the future.