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  1. Hey I'm Finally back! Check out the first page for my final post! or visit http://kindofunny.com/index.html
  2. I think I am going to do that. I will overhaul the first post later tonight.
  3. Um maybe. I am a little worried when someone has like 12 posts. But i think that 200 is a little steep, heck I only have around 50 or so. What do you guys think?
  4. Hey guys do me a favor? If you request something, actually request something. I keep getting PM’s from people who just say “make me a sig and avatar”. I need to know what you are actually wanting. If you have no idea what you want, the front page has a good number of sigs and avatars that I know are not in use. So maybe just use one of those. Also, feel free to repeat images (Sorry to those of you using my sigs now). If I have put an IMG listing for it, then it is up for grabs. Look at it like this, almost everyone at one time had a piece of Jousts work in their sig, so I don’t think you will lose your individuality if more than one of you sports the Necromancers Tube. Also with that said, if there is no link for the art please don’t use it. I don’t want everyone having my signature or something (although that would be kind of funny). Once again THANK YOU ALL for the support and friendly competition (you know who you are) and I look forward to drawing more and more stuff for the best damn community out there!
  5. Um, ok. Just give my a day or two. Crap I am getting a lot of requests now. I guess I will just have to drop the quality of my work. Also I’m 21 and go to college (Part Time). My major is in history so it’s a little late for graphic design now. But what consumes my life is my job, I am an Activities Director for an Assisted Living Facility (old folks home). I love the job, but it is very time consuming, that is why you will see the amount of work I am putting out peak on the weekends. Wow writing about myself is kind of fun. Any other questions?
  6. Hey, I was wondering if the Castle Crashers main page updated its Fan Art section anymore. I have seen all the stuff they have posted there since before the game came out. I am just wondering if it would be a waste of time to send them some stuff.
  7. Boosh! Check main page for Avatar and Sig size
  8. Lol Pick didn't load, I can draw a tube but if you want yourself inside it I gotta have some kind of reference.
  9. Yea sure, but um you cant use the letter "W"
  10. Heh. I love your art, and so should other people, so I added a link. Hmm. As for a signature, I have no idea! Anything with "The Jake is a Lie" in it would be pretty sweet. Here you go! I think it is strange the the lines on the painter are so much thinner than almost anything els in the game.
  11. This was a request from one of my real life friends. Can I say crap?
  12. Here it is smaller Use this image code it will get rid of the white background [ img]http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a27/Ppowers/Necrointubemoving.gif[/img] Just remove the space I put in before the first "img"
  13. I put some extra bones in the tank. I wish I could of made it a little bigger in the sig, but alas 500 pixels is only so much.
  14. What would it be for? A sig, avatar, both or just to have? I need to know so I can make it the right size.
  15. That would be cool. You post a lot so I would see that little guy everywhere.
  16. Yup, its Emils Nice dodge Missed me by a mile
  17. I like that you must of done your sig in Photoshop because you just gave me advice on it in another thread