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  1. Wow i think your theory is the most complete but i want someone to explain wtf on cc hatty is running and juggling when is cc supposed to take place or the bear took a while to fall that just hatty got bored of him falling so he went to help the cc knights xd i don’t what i just said
  2. So hatty on bbt became a vegetable but then you see him on cc running around juggling and doing stuff how? Was hatty lying to his friends at the end? And then on pit people he just appears right where he ended on bbt like he was always a vegetable like if cc hatty was from an alternative timeline and here on pit people looks like he is still a vegetable but then when honeykiss grabs him he moves was hatty being mean to his best friends to be left alone?
  3. I think they fixed it on today’s switch update
  4. I am playing insane on the switch and suddenly the bipolar bear stops working and he doesn’t want to kill the enemies
  5. Hmm i want to make the definitive top of the best players of campaign and because there isn’t much to research i think the opinion of r/castle crashers and the forums of the behemoth would be almost everything but i myself check all of the players that people say are great at the game
  6. I have cc on switch and steam and i am thinking of buying battle block theater but do i have to buy can’t stop crying pack or only battle block i want the weapons and hatty