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  1. Back in 2015 I was playing Castle Crashers and this one guy had unused items in his inventory, Later I learned that those items were unused and you could only get them by hacking. These item were The Battle Axe, The Technoblade, The Blade, The Mittens, The Banana, and the The Shuriken. If anyone has any info about these items tell me
  2. Will the behemoth ever bring back the series 1 castle crashers figures? Back in 2016 I got the orange figure I wanted to get the other ones but I didn't have the money for the rest. So last year remembered about the figures and I wanted to get the whole set since castle crashers is one of my favorite games but when I looked on the behemoth store I couldn't find them. I looked on ebay for them and they are like 200$ I don't wanna pay that kind of money for figures that once were 20$. I don't know if they are sold out or just stopped making them. But I hope they bring them back.