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  1. Snakey all the way. You may think "Industrialist or fencer!" But I say to you.... yeah those are good too. But snakey
  2. First upgrade agility to 5-10, then upgrade either defense or magic, and then when you start running out of easy levels, put some into strength. Strength means less EXP
  3. Press the home button but don't exit put of the game, and then go to controllers and then connect the controllers again. I've went through that before that should fix it.
  4. I play on nintendo switch and There is the person that's number one on the leaderboard with -1 kills. I believe them to be hacking and they don't deserve that spot.
  5. Necromancer is #10 and I think skeleton is 6. There is a tier list. On the official site of every character.
  6. I think you should take what you can get. It's not supposed to be buzz-saws. It's just hands. That would be OP when the necromancer is fighting you at the wizard castle. Besides, it's great for a juggling setup and killing beefies.
  7. Bruv. Castle crashers remastered exists. Castle crashers is castle crashers 1. Castle crashers remastered is castle crashers 2.
  8. I've seen something that ticks me off. Necromancer's magic jump is just bones. Please make it wing related. Hatty's magic jump is wings! Why not the guy WHO ACTUALLY HAS WINGS?