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  1. I personally think that the Buckle Your Pants song is hilarious, but quotes? "Yarn was invented in 1980...4, by Stan Lee Yarn. But back then it wasn't called yarn, it was called catstring. And people used to use it to lure cats to their homes, because meat was very expensive. TRUE STORY! The End." "Can YOU get the best time? I know I can. And HAVE! A BILLION times over! I'm also a pathological liar. Or am I? I AM! What's going on? I dunno. Or do I? What?" "And then Reginald comes upstairs and he's all like, 'I say gentlemen, I do believe we're in quite a spot of bother.' And then everyone else was like 'Really?! What tipped you off genius?!!' And then Hatty was all like, 'Hey, be nice.' WSHOO WSHOOSHO"