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  1. Well, it's not the answer I wanted, but it's an honest answer and it makes sense. Hopefully with future games, this may become a possibility. Thanks!
  2. I'm curious why this is not a thing yet. Destiny 2 was able to incorporate cross system saving, after the game was released too. I can play my Xbone profile, log out, load up the PS4 and keep going with all of my items and gear. Plenty of companies allow you to log in to their services within the game, why not let it go a step further and allow an image of your save data to be sent to your online profile so that it can be saved, updated, and used elsewhere? I keep reading "the versions don't play well with each other." Okay, they don't have to if you use a mediator to translate. Let the website be the middleman, when you log in, click a button that says "sync" and let it grab the information it needs. The game has received an update to allow data transferring between generations, it's not that much harder to include an update to allow data to transfer between PC/XB/PS.