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  1. That sandwich rivals the PB&J in deliciousness.
  2. Truer words have never been spoken.
  3. That, my good sir, deserves an Emmy imo.
  4. It'd be interesting for CC to be the first (Atleast that I know of) game to have Official Lego sets based on it.
  5. Yes!! Dan to the rescue! Also, first 5. Alright.
  6. I'd do all sorts of stuff to the Orange one...
  7. I'd totally do this, but I have that whole Deathly Afraid of Needles thing...
  8. And did anyone ever find out about the Band from the beginning and end music? I assumed it was Behemoth-Made but I hope it wasn't. Also, this was the Album Art I was looking for:
  9. It didn't take as long as I thought but just had a question: Does anyone have that cool Album Art someone had made?
  10. I'd totally buy CC Legos. Nothing would be more epic than having the Knights crash the Under-Constuction Death Star.
  11. He's more like the Red Shirt of Castle Crashers.
  12. I vote for Dan, Tom (Maybe in bearded and shaved forms), Emil and another developer as characters. Also, I vote for the Fabulous Knight from Castle Crashing The Beard.
  13. I think my mind just imploded due to the overpowered awesomeness I just witnessed.