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  1. I'm pretty sure Epic is actually doing something similar to this with their upcoming free Unreal Tournament. As for my opinion on "selling" mods, there's no real way to do this without giving modders some sort of access to copyright. They can make "donate" buttons for them which is alot better and probably aligns better with what people want. There's also the fact that the modders themselves only got 25% of any profits they got and the fact that they have to make roughly $400 to get anything out of it, so they may never see their money if it doesn't sell well enough. This was shown to be a colossal failure on Valve and Bethesda's part the way it was executed. Also I never thought I'd see everyone's lord and savior GabeN get downvoted so hard during this fiasco.
  2. Well to those of you who said that eSports isn't necessarily a sport due to the physical exertion requirements specified in the dictionary, you're not wrong. But the dictionary definition can always be changed y'know. It's not exactly set in stone. In my opinion though I think they need a better word than just "eSports" though.
  3. Moved to "Other Games" considering Killing Floor 2 is a video game.
  4. Chop Suey was an odd choice for music in the launch trailer. Having said that, MKX looks amazing. I like the whole 3 variations thing they've got going on, the gameplay looks fast. The fatalities are incredibly disgusting this time around, even moreso than MK9. I also like that special moves are given special kill animations when they finish an opponent. Anyhow I'd like to pick this up at some point... and possibly a fight stick that works for next-gen consoles.
  5. Majoras Mask is my favorite all time zelda so far, you have to get it! Even though it's a port for 3ds, I believe they also added in new features, it looks great! Majora's Mask (and Ocarina of Time 3D) would probably classify as a whole remake rather than a mere port due to the sheer differences between the original and the 3DS versions.
  6. He's already redeemed the steam codes. These are for Origin.
  7. I do sound like I'm ranting incessantly, but it seems that this trend is on a rise. No we can't stop it, and people will buy what they want. Is it wrong for them to want to make more money off of an assett that they basically completed already? No, it makes perfect sense from a business standpoint, and gives some players the opportunity to play a game that they may have missed out on. Heck, my most played Xbox One game is probably Halo MCC because it gives me the opportunity to relive the good old days of Halo online play. I'm just hoping this is a short lived trend, or at least is put on hold for some time.
  8. From what I see, the new gen (XBO/PS4) is filled to the brim with ports. Not ports from PS2 or anything older. I mean ports from games that were released last generation. As a gamer, I have certain games that will forever remain with me in my memory. But also as a gamer, I like having brand new experiences. I remember when the Xbox 360 and PS3 were first announced. They announced a slew of new IPs, some of which failed and others became blockbuster successes. New gameplay ideas, new concepts, etc etc. There seems to be a discenable lack of... well that. More and more releases are becoming remasters, remakes, and even straight ports. This trend admittedly started in the late stages of the XB360/PS3 cycle, but it's in full effect now. The PS4 in particular is filled to the brim with remakes, to the point where I'm entitled to call it the PortStation 4. (The Xbox One has this issue, but to a lesser degree). FFT-0 HD FFVII (Mind you, this is a port of the PC version which retains the old PS1 graphics and sounds. Fans have been clamoring for a remake that is higher fidelity sound and much higher graphics. A true remaster.) FFX|X-2 HD Metro Redux DmC DMC4 The Last of Us (I'm willing to forgive this one as this came out as the new gen was announced). GTA5 (Same as Last of Us) You get the idea. This list was just the ports on PS4 alone. There are far more games that have been remastered as well, ranging from as far as the N64 all the way to the previous gens. Now why am I dissapointed? Because it makes me feel as if I had no reason to purchase a PS4 or Xbox One when I could just play their respective games on the original systems. I bought the new systems for the initial first wave of games (Dead Rising 3, Infamous Second Son, a few others too), but it's like they've almost stopped releasing games for them in general. It might be bad enough that I might entirely lose interest in video gaming in general if they keep it up. Oh I'm sure later on they'll make something worth buying... But until then, I'm not holding my breath.
  9. You mean the area above your picture? There was also a separate metallic badge for ultra members, much like the forum mod badges we have. I think they were lost in the forum transition.
  10. You know what'd be nice? Of I could also keep my ultra member badge as well.
  11. I'll bite. And please try not to do bait and switch topic names.
  12. Congrats you two for becoming mods!
  13. Graphics are integrated (which means that your CPU is also acting as your graphics card), and you have 4GB of RAM, more than likely clocked pretty low. Typical laptop specs, and definitely the cause of your problems. Biggest problem being that games that require more power are putting a huge strain on your CPU, since it's trying to run the game and provide the graphics for it, which would lead to freezes and crashes pretty often.I really did not want to invest in a desktop, but it looks like I have no choice now. Which one do you think is a good PC for running games like Civ 5, Outlast, or I Am Bread, but not the huge shooter games as I think they are overrated? Gamefemale the one thing you must realize about desktop gaming is that you have to be willing to get down and dirty with building your own gaming PC, lest you become ripped off. You'll need to learn what hardware's compatible with what, and exactly how much power you'll need. There are videos that go over this. Having said that, generally speaking you'll want to prioritize buying a better GPU vs a CPU. Having more ram is good, though you have to think about your practical limits. It's doubtful that you'd need 32 gigs of ram, so you might go 16gb minimum. Now as for the actual assembly part (the labor), there are plenty of videos that explain exactly how to safely secure your parts in your case.