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    It's been a while since I've posted around here. I was really active when CC was first released, having created my own CC wiki before I was one of the first admins on Castlepedia. I don't even want to think about how many hundreds of hours I spent both playing Castle Crashers and working on Castlepedia. I hadn't played the game in quite some time, but I recently started playing again with my daughters. Apparently, a patch added a feature to reset all save data in addition to resetting individual characters to level 1. I didn't realize this until just now when I wanted to revert a character to level 1 to play with my kids. I was half paying attention and I chose to reset save data instead. I guess it's not that big of a deal considering how infrequently I play the game, but I'm a little sad that I lost everything. I had every weapon and pet, every character unlocked, and most characters at level 50+. I'm a little bummed out that this sort of a "feature" was added without a major confirmation process. In fairness, I wasn't paying close attention when I went to reset a character, but I never expected that using 'x' instead of 'y' would have such drastic consequences =/
  2. All DLC you buy is linked to both the account (gamertag) you bought it on and the xbox it is first downloaded on. So any account logged in to the xbox you first downloaded the DLC on can access it and you can access your DLC on any xbox you recover your gamertag on.
  3. Several threads have a lot of information on this already. Because there has been no official announcement from the Behemoth, everything is speculation. This video answers most of your questions. I started it at the new character, earlier he walks the Pink Knight through the weapon frog and shows the additional weapons, which appear to be a rake, a lightning bolt, a cardboard tube, and a green gem stretched into a sword..
  4. This makes sense. The original game included the king, necromancer, cultist, and open visor knight and buying the dlc packs simply unlocked them. The reason it was done like this is because all players need access to all character files to be able to play in games where other players had the DLC.
  5. Sully

    Extra Weapons?

  6. Probably another 160msp dlc pack with Hatty, the whale, and the four missing weapons. ... ail/237672
  8. Any chance there'll be a couple new achievements? Like maybe for collecting all the weapons and completing insane mode?
  9. EDIT: nevermjnd, got it at #22! Just got ranked win #20 and no achievement. Anyone else have a problem with this?
  10. The 2-2 hats I posted are randomly unlocked now. Odd. And I had no idea you could dig. WTF! Achievement unlocked, thanks.
  11. I've beaten 2-2 multiple times (once my first time through the game and again just now) and I have neither of these hats. It doesn't specify a difficulty so I played on easy. What's the deal? Also, wtf does this mean?
  12. Pong was more than 30 years ago. 20 years ago I was playing Sega Geneses and, although much less impressive, NES.
  13. Either: -Turn on your Xbox 360 -Sign in to Xbox LIVE using the gamer profile that was originally used to download the content -Press the Xbox 360 Guide button, and then go to Settings. -Select Account Management, and then select Download History. or -Go to -Sign in to the gamer profile that originally downloaded the content -In the upper-right, use the green down arrow to choose "My Account" -On the left, choose Purchase History Any DLC you've ever bought will be there for you to re-download. TB is not just going to hand you a code and if you've already bought it, I don't think a code will work anyway.
  14. My daughter as the Pink Knight (and our attempt at the Ice Sword, her favorite):
  15. Reset all your characters to level 1. Then create a new profile on your xbox. Start a new game with a new character on that profile, and from the world map, pause, sign out, then immediately sign back in with the original profile. You will then be sent to the main menu. This *should* reset all your weapons and animal orbs (and your money and items like boomerang/shovel, too).