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  1. Fire Demon is my favorite, although I sometimes use the Skeleton as well.
  2. Also, in various Tales games there are chest monsters. Not bosses, but they still attack you. Just an interesting little tidbit.
  3. No, there will not be. I can tell you with 100% certainty there will not be. The Necromancer and King packs were already in the game files. That's how people knew what they were before they came out. All characters in the files have been released, and Necro is the last DLC. There is no Pink Knight, there never was a Pink Knight, and there never will be a Pink Knight. And I don't have to be Dan to tell you this.
  4. Perhaps beating the Wizard with the Necromancer gets it as well?
  5. GameFAQs tends to harbor that type of thing. Still sad though.
  6. I don't see how anyone can be disappointed with either of the DLC packs, seeing as we knew what was in them the whole time.
  7. I say the King's pack's weapons are better, but overall I prefer the Necro pack.
  8. Amen. His Magic is the best in the game. By best I mean not incredibly cheap (I'm looking at you, saws ) and very fast and effective. BTW, the other day I met a Level 99 Red Knight, and I almost took him down with my Necromancer, which now is Level 61. On arena the levels are balanced out, unless you entered campaign and then did arena (or fought for a princess). It seems not many people know this, so spread the knowledge! Your level 1 is as powerful as their level 99.
  9. Shrunk the font so as to not eat the page.
  10. What is everyone's problem with dupe threads? So you've been here a while, and seen this subject before: get over it. Unless the other topic is on the front page, then it's not a dupe. Topics will get repeated: you can't just refer everyone to incredibly old threads and only have one thread on each topic. That's not how forums work. If it was a well-made thread, it'd have stayed at the top. The only time it's appropriate to scream dupe are if the other thread is on the front page, or if it's a question that has already been answered. That is when the search function should be used, and not a new thread. But for something like this, this thread is fine. He clearly took some time to make it. So calm down. To OP: ignore the dupehounds.
  11. I really can't stand the guys who pick Blue or Red Knight and only do 1v1's. I haven't fought many Blues, but tons of people do this and pick Red. The good thing is, they're usually terrible, so they go for the RY and I smack them on the head. If they do get it off though (which isn't difficult at all...), it takes out a big chunk of health. King players who run and heal are annoying too, but they're very uncommon... so I don't really mind that much. I also enjoy killing the vast swarms of people who pick the Necromancer and are terrible with him I personally use the Fire Demon: he's my favorite character anyway, and I like his magic.
  12. I'd like a 2v2 arena first off, it seems easy enough. And then CPR wouldn't be cheap: getting it off would be a pain, unless you froze the other team. Then a big team battle could be fun too... but seems unlikely.
  13. What? I'd say the King's weapons are much better first of all... though Necro isn't bad either. I guess it's a preference, but I would pick King if I had to pick one. I don't think either of the orbs are particularly good, but if you like the look, why not. Fire or ice? Characters: really is up to you. King is cool in that he is the only character with healing magic. I don't know if it's particularly useful, it's a preference, but it's unique. Necromancer has cool magic, and fast magic: it's not overly cheap, he's a pretty good character though. He's not Red or Blue Knight, but he's pretty good. I'd say this is a preference: healing or damage? Both are very cool, and have entirely unique magic. Gray Knight and the Cultist are a bit less impressive. Cultist has the same magic as the Skeleton, Gray Knight has arrow magic. Skeleton's magic is better than arrow magic, so in that way the Cultist is better. Since you can just play as the Skeleton or an arrow character anyway though, this is just an appearance preference. Personally I prefer the Cultist. So basically: they're both pretty good. I would personally recommend the Necromancer pack. But it's a preference really.
  14. I'd say it's pretty good: fast, and the aerial skeletons run along the ground after falling. That has gotten me many times, since usually it just hits the ground and poofs. And it looks cool I'd say, excluding the main knights, he has one of the best magics.
  15. I know,i've tried it with ten different characters and still can't beat! I'd just level up a bit. I was at around 40 when I tried it, and beat it pretty easily. I was either Orange Knight, Red Knight, or Grey Knight. I forget which.