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  1. Holy crap, talk about a fool! A real life fatality!
  2. so society shows fail once again. Yay! (edit:LMAO my quotes didnt work) Thank god.Well i could see the big b forgetting the background or not adding it im just saying they could add it in someday most likely would make them more money also a couple more customers download thats just my thoughts atleast.vKratToR posted "Jeez dude. I play Fear 2 and gow2 right in front of my little bro and sis."but thats your poop not mines it isnt my family also i let my oldest child watch me play gta once he had morbid drawings this came up in school so i decided none of them are going to watch games with gore until they are old enough prebably 15 maybe 13 years old I realize your trying to be a good father and that's commendable, but 15, 13? Listen I'm 12 and I know that games can get to your head and create a bit of violent images trust me I stopped playing assassins creed because of it. But games like cc or even FC2 don't effect me. I also know that if my parents had kept me cooped up till I was 15 I would have been bitter. That might just be me becaus I'm extremely negative but thinking that cc will create violence in people is overreacting. I do agree however you should not let them play things like gears until theyre at least 11
  3. you take those out, and all that remains in the pack is another character and a pet. that means 66% of the pack was worth it for you and 33% wasn't. it's $2.00. so, $1.32 was worth it to you. where do you want me to send your 68 cents? Weapon name: Dan Paladin Weapon stats: Attack +2 Magic+5 Defense +6,000,000,000,000
  4. iT FAILS BECAUSE ITS AROUND MY MOUTH Sorry for caps hitler
  5. If it does get mentioned cc sales will spike monstrously creating more profit for TB's third game!!!
  6. 92 red but king is only 25:(
  7. banned for having a paper bag over your head
  8. How much gold do you have? Are you rich? Or are you the vermin on the street corner that was created from sludge if you compared yourself to your financial ventures. Anyone who has more than me I will worship