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  1. SCP is lame and over-rated, the only creepypasta-esque stories that legitimately creeped me out were: Squidward's Suicide, Ben Drowned (before it went horrendously viral), and Jeff the killer
  2. I'm glad that I am not the only one to see that. I thought I did something wrong. Everybody has one, it'll more than likely fill up a certain color as you receive warnings.
  3. Lets be honest, it was a horrible name. I made it when I was like 16
  4. The only thing I don't really like is how there's like 1000 posts on each page of a thread before going to the next page.
  5. crashingyourcastle knows his stuff. Especially when it concerns nice young ladies. Who is crashingyourcastle?
  6. Reserved for more tips and tricks, also stories! EDIT: Story #1: So there I was, standing at what were presumably the gates of hell. I took one look at the frat house and knew that it could only be trouble. The Greek letters above the entrance read "Phi Sigma Gamma Delta Derp" but they could have said pillage dungeon for all I knew. I turned to my friends skeptically and tried to convince them for us to go somewhere else, but they didn't listen... We walked up to the door only to be greeted by a meat-head who was wearing a skin tight polo shirt. "Last names?" He said with his bro-like attitude. We weren't on the list but he was too drunk to notice, so he let us in. What followed was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. There were people standing on top of the tables dancing with each other...no I wouldn't call it dancing. The girls were bent over, grinding themselves in to the awaiting crotch of the sex-hungry frat members. Vomit littered the floor and there were beer cans everywhere. I couldn't hear anything. The music was blaring and everything was flashing. I turned around and my friends weren't there "Whe- are you gu- I ca- see or hea- anythi-!" I'll admit that I was a little tipsy, but I was still conscious of what was going on. The attire was pretty much the same, all the girls were wearing close to nothing and all of the guys were wearing clothes that best showed off their muscles that they work so hard for in the gym. Seriously there's people here that go to the gym 3 times a day 7 days a week. It makes us normal bodied people look insignificant, but at the same time you pity them for wasting that much time on something that will only attract shallow bimbos. As soon as I walked in to the kitchen I was offered drinks. I had to take them or risk getting my balloon kicked and then kicked out of the frat house. Everything started spinning. I felt warm. I didn't feel normal. I continued the search for my friends but I still couldn't find them. Where could they have gone? Did they ditch me? Did they get roofied? Is Tina Fey actually that awkward in real life? I didn't know the answer to any of those questions. Things were starting to get a little fuzzy; I somehow ended up playing a game of beer pong, which I lost, so I was pretty ****ed up after that. And then boom; I blacked out. After being legally dead for 6 hours I awoke from my drunken slumber. I was in my dorm room. How the hell did I get here? Did my friends bring me back? But I didn't even see them at the party! I sat up and my friends were all there watching my TV. "Oh you're finally awake!" they yelled. "What happened? How come I didn't see you guys inside the frat house?" I asked. "What are you talking about man... You are the frat house." And then I was a frat house.
  7. Hello everyone, it's been awhile *suggestive * as you may or probably don't know, because nobody ever takes the time to pay attention to me, I am now in college. I realized that a lot of you are young chaps who have not yet experienced the wonders and horrors of college, so I CYC, am here to give you, yes YOU, pointers. Did you fit in in high school or junior high? only .2% of you will answer yes to that question.. wanna know how I know? Because nobody fits in in those damned places. Unless of course you're Studly McHandsome with a 4.0 GPA and a tan skin tone that radiates as if you yourself are the sun. Well I'll tell ya what - IT DOESN'T MATTER. Everything you've achieved in high school (As far as social status and street smarts) is obsolete in college. Nobody gives a **** about who you used to hang out with. If being yourself got you nowhere in high school, then change yourself. College is about starting fresh and new and minty, you have the opportunity to change all those gross quirks about yourself and lie to people to seem cool! You may be thinking to yourself "But hey, I just want to be me! I don't wanna change myself just so people will like me!" Well **** you, this guide isn't about you thinking for yourself; it's about me telling you what to do. Nobody likes you when you are just being yourself, get used to it. Except for maybe your mom, your dog, and your right hand. You aren't going to know anyone when you first go to college so it's important to show that you mean business. Let everybody know how cool you are and tell people that you can get them alcohol - that's a guaranteed friendship right there! Remember - Everyone is in the same boat.. so push them out of that damn boat and show them who's boss! Which brings me to my next point... Alcohol. I don't in anyway condone underage drinking but it's everywhere in college, so you need to know these very important tips in case you decide to drink! 1.) When at a party, it's okay to leave your drink unattended to go use the bathroom or chat with somebody. Everyone in college is trustworthy and you will probably never get roofied. * 2.) If somebody you don't even know is offering you some strange colored liquid - take it! They're just being nice and trying to share their spoils! * 3.) If you suddenly feel the need to bust out dancing, go ahead and do it! Everyone at the party will be incredibly impressed by your smooth moves and the ladies will be all over you . * 4.) If you find a girl at a party extremely attractive, but you find out that she has a boyfriend, hit on her anyways! People in college are very understanding and her buff frat boy toolshed boyfriend will totally understand that you just like to give out compliments! * * - Do not attempt any of these By now you're thinking, geeze this is easy! Well it is. Follow these rules and you will surely be successful in your college endeavors. You may have noticed that I didn't mention anything about classes or the actual 'school' part of college. Well that's a lesson for another day, because I'm a typical procrastinating college illegitimate child. Have fun out there! And don't blame me if you end up selling crack.
  8. I've been dead for hundreds of years
  9. Hello friends! I feel generous, and not the kind of generous where you go out and donate some money to people who actually need it. No sir, no way; this is a thread all about giving away my many Pokemon, way better than that stupid money that everyone is all on about. All you have to do is post here in this thread with a meaningful reason as to why you should be the one to obtain one of my pokemon! Whoever comes up with the best reason that touches my heart (and maybe a few other places) will receive the Pokemon! -All Pokemon given away will be level 55 -Not all of the Pokemon are going to be legendaries (They will, however; be badass) -A new Pokemon will be given out every 3 days Pokemon Bank So I took the liberty of jamming all of the Pokemon that I'm going to give away in this small little bank! 1 Pokemon will be revealed at a time, and when that one is given away, the next one will be revealed. You can not obtain 2 Pokemon in a row. We'll start on a high (and incredibly badass) note.
  10. Only the sixth time I've seen that posted around the web tonight. I don't recall asking how many times you've seen it posted around the web.
  11. The demo is on PS3, it has been weeks before the games launch. I have the game and trust me when I say this is good old klassic mortal kombat, it's gruesome, it's well balanced, there's a lot of kontent, and its a hell of a lot of fun to play with friends. This is one of the best MK's in a while.