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  1. The glare on the picture is sort of annoying try getting a picture off of the interwebz.
  2. -French Industrial Knight (Gear Magic) Blacksmith (Fire? Hes the purple knight so maybe purple fire?) Troll (Fuzz blast. Like Poison fire vines, but with Fuzz) FBI Agent (Alien Hominid) (Alien Hominid Magic, except Missle for RT+Y and bullet for RT + B. But has same functionality.) Snake Shopkeeper (Vines or Poison. Maybe the vines are reskinned as small snakes. -New Princesses get captured (Pink, Black, Grey, Yellow) Beekeeper kingdom, Stoveface kingdom, Pirate Level, New Last Boss (Zombie Wizard, Necromancer with visor up and beat up armor, Fire King (Think Ice Boss, but fire) and Giant Snake.
  3. Ouch your getting slammed I personally don't care, as long as your only use 256 offline. If you use it online and "infect" other people, that's not cool. Just don't play your hacked account on live, use a different one.
  4. Nice! Your new Alien Hominid picture is your best picture yet. Awesome.
  5. Blacksmith, Pink Knight, and Industrial King (French Guy) They need some love.
  6. You guys are forgetting about the nurse and the two giant cats in the arena.
  7. Playable? If so: Brute Snakey Unplayable included? Blacksmith Brute.
  8. The only thing I hope you don't do is add console specific characters. If you include them in PS3, add them as 360 DLC. But, I think some characters that would be cool: -Blacksmith. He's the Purple Knight! He's my favorite character in the whole game (Don't give him arrows. If anything, Fire.) -Fuzzy Troll guys. They look cool, and they are shown holding a weapon. There magic could be Fuzzy Hair.) -French Industrial Knight. He looks cool and he is awesome. -Magic Tutorial Girl, we need a female character, and I think she would be better than the princesses.
  9. it says soon, which probably means withing the next couple of weeks.
  10. Nice! Writing on a touch pad must be insanely hard. But your drawings are awesome!
  11. Llamaross23

    Orange knight

    Nice! I like it. It has a Penny Arcade feel to it.
  12. I got enjoyment from looking at your artwork. If silly crazy stupid and awesome was the style you were going for, you nailed it. But if you are interested in making your artwork more realistic, neat, and professional, take some of the advice people are giving you. First off, I might suggest GIMP. Its a great free program that I use and I love it. Second, going back over your picture won't hurt. Erase un-needed lines and try to work on keeping your lines straight. I like your work. If you like drawing, don't listen to people flaming/trolling. Just keep drawing and take some Constructive Criticism to heart. -Ross
  13. 1. Bioshock2 2. Mass Effect 2 3. Game 3. Before this recent video I was all "meh" but now I'm pumped. I recently found out my friends are buying this and I'm ready for some multiplayer madness! BTW: I think Game 3 should be the final name. It's catchy.
  14. Alright. I havent posted here in a while, but I got an email update that you added artwork (I dont even remember setting anything like that up lol). I hurried here and checked your 3 new pictures (Green, Orange, and Blue Knight). I like the backgrounds are original, and the overall feeling looks more finished. I sort of miss the old "sketch" look, but I like this just as much. I can't wait to see what else you have to draw (FBI Agent, perhaps?) Just don't wait as long to release more artwork jk
  15. I was thinking that after we receive the Necromancer DLC the next DLC character pack should include the Blacksmith, the fuzzy Troll guys, the snake-looking guy in the farm store, and a small version of the fish you fight in the Medusa level.
  16. I got a tablet so now my drawings are better! Updated picture! Woo! Exclamation! Exciting!
  17. New drawing, probably my best yet. I tried my own style, and it turned out great.
  18. Heres some more art: http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b363/23ross1/Pirates.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b363/23ross1/Faces.jpg
  19. Edited because other post was deleted.
  20. My updates keep getting farther and farther apart. Anyways I got a Tablet and have been drawing like crazy. http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b363/23ross1/?action=view&current=CastleCrashers.jpg I drew the four main Knights, me, and my friends. Enjoy!
  21. I'm in. I drew this earlier and would love to have it included. I posted in the other thread just wanted to post here too. If theres anything you want me to draw throw me a PM and i'll do my best