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  1. Ancient

    so...there arent 22 unlockable characters?

    Maybe it's just for marketing? I mean it sounds better than just 21, so it would persuade people to buy it. It's not that big of a deal, guys.
  2. Ancient

    List of Music and where to get it

    Man it's so good, I love it so much...
  3. Ancient

    My CC story and decisionz

    I really dislike the Gray Knight's magic, much like the Blue knight's. If you're going to be a mage I suggest Red or Orange, as they're magic can deal a lot of damage at high levels.
  4. Ancient

    i lost all my data

    Yeah, the game is very glitchy at this stage, but they're releasing a patch soon, so it probably won't happen again.
  5. Ancient


    Congrats! Now you can go outside and have the ability to interact with real people, in real time! The frames per second are incredible, and it's never choppy. Haha, I'm just jealous.
  6. Ancient

    Now that it's been out for about a week...

    I hate to say it, but it's easier than AH HD. That's not the only reason though, but it's a large factor.
  7. Ancient

    Peasant vs. Gray Knight

    Peasant, because he's happy with his social class. He doesn't need motivation to kick your balloon!
  8. Ancient

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    Hey guys I'm Ancient. I got Castle Crashers after seeing it advertised on Newgrounds, and I beat it in 2 days with 3 of my friends. I played it through with the Blue Knight and I hated it, so when I finally had a chance to solo I chose Red Knight, cause lightning is so BA. So far I'm only level 23 and on lava World, but I'm progressing fast. Um... I like Snoot, cause I'm a Battlemage, so I have a good balance. I hope this place is cool.