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  1. I do not own the game yet, but go to play it last weekend, and I must say, the first disc alone is worth the $60. Firefight is a blast! If my very first game, we did Alpha Site on Normal, and we got to Set 5, Round 1, Wave 5. I was Johnson. My favorite map is Windward. I now prefer Dutch. Mainly because he always say this one line that annoys my friends. But even though I've beaten the game, and played my fair share of FF, I still plan to buy the game once I get enough money.
  2. Congrats Max15946, you got it! Medicine is always a good thing to have. COPYCAT. DUMB COPYCAT. AHHHHHHH!!!!!! EDIT: HELLO?!?!?!! AM I INVISIBLE OR SOMETHIN!?! GIVE ME A HINT!!! And dude, you need to calm down a bit. I'm not always visiting this thread every day. I usually don't have the time. And hints are on Page 3.
  3. Sweet. But I have L4D on PC AND 360, so I think I'll go try it out on the PC first.
  4. The question is simple. Who is your main Character, what level are they, and what weapon/pet do they use? You can also say if you've beaten insane if ya want. You can also post on what Character you're working on. Anyway, my current main is: Orange Knight Level 66 Weapon: NG Gold Sword Pet: Hawkster Insane Mode: No Work in Progress: Necromancer Level 11 Weapon: Chainsaw Pet: Hawkster Insane Mode: No MODS: Sorry if this is a dupe thread, but I didn't want to bump up a dead topic.
  5. Sorry guys, I've only been checking the forums every couple of days. Anyway, since I've last posted, Tyndras and MetaMarx got the riddle correct! Welcome aboard guys!
  6. Hey Guys! Sorry for not posting for a while, been busy with school/soccer. Anyway, from the last time I posted, EliteFreq is the only one who is bringing the right item. And please, if you're already coming to the moon, you don't need to bring any more items. It confuses me.
  7. You're in! As for FelKnight, you're only allowed to bring one item, so please try to only post one item at a time. And so far, we don't need any of those items.
  8. Nope, that won't do. Just tell me if you guys want a hint, if you're too lazy to look back a couple of pages.
  9. Nice. You got it! Welcome aboard Denivire!
  10. No and no. Remember, if you wants hints, they are somewhere in the thread.
  11. Tyndras: No. FirePhoenix64: Um....I'm not really sure whether to count that right or not...
  12. SkeletonKnight, you got it! Everyone else, not close yet. Never expected this thread to get that far. By the way, check the Original post for changes that may come to the game.