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  1. i lost everything. i played the night before in insane mode and the next day everything was gone. that same day i reranked a character up to 18 and the next time i logged on it was rest again.....everything weapons animal orbs everything possible. and it keeps resetting.
  2. yea i hope it saves it. all my friends have their characters and i lost everything. whens this update supposed to come out???
  3. but dose that meas i lost everything and i have to do it all again?
  4. tried it...... nothing i actualy deleted the game and redownloaded it and got back the data i did that night but thats it
  5. i lost all of my data characters, weapons, animal orbs EVERYTHING but it still says im level 39 on the leaderboards someone help me and everytime i try to level up again it resets again