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  1. Bump, if you want to get on either of the lists.. I will be accepting all incoming friend requests to both accounts.
  2. I want to be recorded! But I have things to do today, if you really need some help I wouldn't mind but my list is always full too! So just hit me up on here or XBL through a message and I might remove someone.
  3. YOU ARE A SHAME TO GIR! Seriously, he's my favourite Invader Zim character, and since you are using his name/avatar, that brings tears to my eyes. Seriously, grow up. Gir has been warned. Again. Further infractions will not be tolerated. Now.. what was that about AH being too hard? That's why you can set the difficulty level to suit your tastes! Kelly is like a walking talking Jesus. She can solve any problem any time!
  4. it takes like 5-10 minutes... you only have to beat the last boss on hard not the whole game Yea, the boss wasn't even hard on hard.. and the thousand kills achievement took like five minutes. I have a life, and I got them?
  5. Ohhhhh, a ban sabre... where can I get one of those? Jp Kelly.
  6. BANNED! I'm Anti-Anti-Giraffey. Banned for being fascinated by peas. I'm a carnivore.
  7. Anyways... bosses have patterns, learn them.
  8. It's not hard at all, I didn't find it challenging at all unless your on the hard difficulty. All you do is spam the "shoot" button. You don't wait to see the enemies. Don't give them a chance to show up, and duck a lot by holding down on the analog stick. I thought it was hard at first, it's really not.. It takes some getting used to if your new to the game I suppose. I got all 200 gamerscore in under two nights. Hooray.
  9. Banned for having a signature and avatar with the Necromancer in it. Me = Anti-Necromancer.
  10. Banned for posing as Chris!
  11. This guy speaks the truth. He should lurk and read the forums before posting. There seriously should be a rule on limiting the smileys to 3 each post. That helped control other forums I've been on. It's all right if you have more than three smileys in a post with over three paragraphs though? Am I right?
  12. Bump. There are still around 40 spots left on the Behemoth CCIC's friend list.
  13. Wow, I was being lazy and only read the original post. Now that I see your post it does like very similar!
  14. I normally max out strength or magic first depending on the character, then I go for defense. After that it's time to tackle agility.