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  1. On a Live game? maybe it's due to the lag, the confirmation of the death isn't sent fast enough?
  2. http://forums.thebehemoth.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=695
  3. I second that, I've played All you can Qualf and it's very easy for a players to see if they will loose, so they just quit after seeing it's hopeless.
  4. Nope, I did that, the new weapon chosen in the Frog was saved, but not the map progress. The only way is to beat the next waypoint.
  5. Thank you Teo, beating Sand Castle resolved the problem and my progress was saved Well, at least there is still a "bug" for Behemoth to fix
  6. Aw you're right, I hadn't seen it before posting. Here's hoping a mod can move it
  7. Good morning crashers, I'm posting this bug report because after extensive research on the subjects I haven't seen anyone with the same issue: Yesterday I was playing with my newly unlocked IceSkimo, and I got disconnected from XBOX Live (my router lost the ADSL signal for a few minutes). Offline I did the Desert level, then UFO level, and exited to the map at the beginning of Desert Chase. I then quit the game, and on the leaderboard menu from the title screen I had to login back to Live in order to check the boards. Today I've started the game (this time always connected to Live), only to find that my character was back in Desert, with UFO and Chase locked. I proceeded to fight my way through Desert Chase again, went back to map to save, exited the game and reloaded: back to Desert again. I've tried the session logout/login, whether on the title screen or in game: it doesn't work, and it still won't save if I beat the levels again. Dying on Desert Chase to go back to the map instead of using the menu doesn't save either. Oddly, all my experience and weapon progress are saved, only the map is affected. I've tried using another new unlocked char and the map progress is saved for him. I guess that I can't play my favorite IceSkimo character until the update, if you guys manage to correct this bug. I'm pretty sure that it can be easily reproduced, but as you can understand I am not willing to loose anymore characters. Cheers, Epsicode