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  1. Ah, i miss TF2, why did my disk have to get scratched I hope that doesn't happen to me. Right now my disk is covered with small scratches. For some reason my brother is too lazy to actually put the game back in the case when he takes it out of the tray, so instead he either sets it on the carpet or on top of the game's case. Ya, not to jinx you or anything, that how all my friends break my games and cd's. those lazy jerks.
  2. Yeah!! The trolls are so awesome I wish I could play as them. I wish i could play as them, they are my favorite enemy in the game
  3. Final: He trys to shake him self free, causing the picture to fall on him pushing him through the toliet
  4. Maybe by trying to shake him self free, it causes the picture to fall from the vibrations?
  5. What if the picture falls on him, pushing him all the way through?
  6. Banned for chasing chickens
  7. I like this idea What if he got stuck in the toilet?
  8. Its San Diego i think, they had the video of their new office, all i know its the west coast
  9. Berlin (wow i was wrong)
  10. Banned for having more than 4 z's in a sentence
  11. Castles (i think i know were the next one will go)