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  1. jelly belly9000

    Gamertag Exchange

    Add me I have zero friends who play BBT GT: jelly belly9000 I have Chicken toucher
  2. jelly belly9000

    The Official Ball Game Tournament!

    Count me in Gt: is my username
  3. So hard if you're a completionist....
  4. jelly belly9000

    Game 4?

    Anyone know of a release date? Please let me know!
  5. jelly belly9000

    So I Need Some Trades

    After getting all weapons, does yarn just go useless?
  6. jelly belly9000

    Secret Heads, Limmited Heads, Special Heads, Etc.

    Minecraft is amazing.
  7. jelly belly9000

    Xbox 720 And Ps4

    Should the Behemoth wait for the next Gen consoles? Will they? I Personally think they should because the longer we wait the better the game.
  8. jelly belly9000

    Need 3 Dedicated People For A Let's Play

    jelly belly9000 that's Gamertag.. just message on xbox
  9. jelly belly9000

    Ps3 Trophies And Xbox 360 Achievements

    Why does everyone have PSN in this forum! Xbox is where it's at! 2 turn tables an a micrphone
  10. jelly belly9000

    Ask a stupid question. Get a stupid answer.

    A: no, cut it. Q: Are Chickens Offended?
  11. jelly belly9000

    Ask a stupid question. Get a stupid answer.

    A: Things take time Q: What the Frog?
  12. jelly belly9000

    Being a level 99 is more a hinder then help

    My highest level is 35
  13. jelly belly9000

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    I joined because i imagined the Behemoth had an amazing community.
  14. jelly belly9000

    What game are you playing ATM?

    Working on the achievments in Alien Hominid HD.