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  1. Add me I have zero friends who play BBT GT: jelly belly9000 I have Chicken toucher
  2. Anyone know of a release date? Please let me know!
  3. After getting all weapons, does yarn just go useless?
  4. Should the Behemoth wait for the next Gen consoles? Will they? I Personally think they should because the longer we wait the better the game.
  5. jelly belly9000 that's Gamertag.. just message on xbox
  6. Why does everyone have PSN in this forum! Xbox is where it's at! 2 turn tables an a micrphone
  7. I joined because i imagined the Behemoth had an amazing community.
  8. Working on the achievments in Alien Hominid HD.
  9. No the game will not be canceled,,,, because it won't. Are they gonna have a slew of Minigames in BBT along with the other gametypes I hope .. and can someone maybe tell me why i can't edit my profile :!: I try to and it says that i'm not allowed to
  10. Necromancer. love fighting all the playable characters of the game over a pile of the rest of them.
  11. nothing

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      jelly belly9000

      Wait i posted and it worked! but i can't pm

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      You should be able to now.

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      jelly belly9000

      Thx for the help it wont go wasted!

  12. A Moderator* blocked me from posting...Why?!

  13. An Admin Blocked me from Posting...Why!

  14. Behemoth should do what the XBLA game Shadow Complex did. It was first and formost a 2D game but when a turret is found it switched around to 3D which was a nice transition and change of pace.