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  1. Could you do Ninjer shooting ninja stars downwards? Thanks!
  2. Has anyone ever seen you draw these? Because if I draw something in class, someone always says something about it
  3. This actually worked for me! viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1877 What I did was I created a Xbox live game and than backed out, and than loaded up my local game, and it worked!
  4. Wow, this actually works! Thanks guys!
  5. I originally downloaded the game onto my brother's xbox 360 because mine was broken. I knew once I got my xbox back, I would have to start over, but I was up for the challenge, so I started playing. I got like level 8, Pipistrello's Cave, and than exited Castle Crashers, and turned off my 360. When I turned it back on, it didn't save my level or anything. I had to restart again. So now, my game isn't saving anything at all. Help me please
  6. Same thing happened to me. I knew right away that I wouldn't have all my chars and stuff, but now my game won't even save.
  7. You can heal people for 1000 hp? I never knew that
  8. Not true, I dont have my chars, and everytime i play, it never saves now, so i'm boned
  9. I personally think someone hacked it, and than gave it to someone. Because I don't think a Mod would have, and you would know because there would be a post saying "OMG! A mod just gave me the king's sword!!!!"
  10. The only thing I know he says is "It must have been something I ate"
  11. Everytime I play Castle Crashers, I'll exit the game, and return to arcade, but once I try to run Castle Crashers again, my data doesn't save. I've done this twice now, and on my brother's xbox, this never happened, and I haven't done anything different
  12. I think you should pay more attention in class Just kidding, but good work man.