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  1. I got a character on insane. I will see if I can capture the moment and how it happened. I will report back as soon as I know something. I will try and use the animal orb to help improve the drop. -DM
  2. No wonder I have this crazy beard... Stupid Sword! *Unequips* -DM
  3. Just be glad no one had to endure seeing Tricky whip out his wang and swing it around during the ending. There have been tons of good flash movies that end with Tricky and it just wrecks everything. I watched the ending to CC and as soon as I saw tricky I was like "Oh no..." Then was relived when he just danced. -DM
  4. I think it was an error. Every other player has their weapon go to your frog upon being unlocked. Probably will be fixed with the title update or with the D/L content. Still I would like the dev's thoughts on this. The fact that it shows up in the weapons frog with a specific spot just for it makes me think its an error, otherwise why have a space set aside specifically for it? -DM
  5. Maybe not, the game was originally being developed for the GCN and the PS2 under the title "Ye Olde Sidescroller". I don't know when they moved the project over the the 360 but maybe its possible, you never know. -DM
  6. Pretty impressive. Hopefully this keeps up. This is as of today by the way. -DM
  7. I found that having 5 potions and jugeling everyone a lot worked for me. If you keep them from getting inbetween you and constantly jugeling them back anf forth you will prevail. -DM
  8. It would have been awesome. I could set people up for so many jokes. "If i'm lying may lightning strike me dead! HEY QUIT IT DM!" -DM
  9. Too bad you guys couldn't include that, it would have been hillarious. -DM
  10. You have to use the horn by the hut to get him to come out. -DM
  11. He kept bailing me out literally. Like fruit every two seconds where otherwise I would have lost 3/4 of my life Hawkster kept me in the fight. If you do insane mode definetly bring him along. Very useful! -DM
  12. Looks good. I will keep my eye out for any other music that we may be missing. We still have a couple tunes unaccounted for. -DM
  13. Rogue, everything is good on that file except the rapid ride music is the overworld theme which is already in there, and the ice wizard theme is actually the Wizards theme. -DM
  14. I wrote Kelly and she told me Dan is going to help get the songs we are missing. -DM
  15. Since they have invested their own money in this project they probably will pay off all their bills and debt that has been accumulating. They are a very small team so I am sure funding their stuff is expensive. -DM