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  1. banned because your avatar is apart of the wrong theme. Accept that you lost already
  2. banned for banning someone who banned someone who banned someone who banned someone who banned someone who banned someone (golden ghost) who didn't realize that 5 minutes for 14 words is not 3 minutes a words I mean really??
  3. Banned for making it a reference
  4. Marshall Lee


    Quickly you jump out of the hot tub while at the same type kicking the zombie chicks heads off you get a small scratch from one but ignore it...
  5. Either google searching has failed me or Mr. Mime was never qualified to be part of the theme to begin with... Also no one else has done Mr. L yet right? I can't even tell what my avatar is so I'm going for him instead. For a little bit I was thinking about doing him but then while trying to convince people for Paper Mario I remembered The Admiral and his sad story and I knew I had to do him
  6. Oh sweet now I can honor Admiral Bobbery!!!
  7. banned because I understood and you didn't need to add the last part
  8. ug someone just change to paper mario and this can all be over
  9. or you could just vote paper mario I like Magneton better than Paper Koopa Knights so I might just stay with this one. Look admiral Bobbery in the eye and tell him you wont choose Paper Mario this man lost his wife while he was at sea and never went sailing again until Wonderful Mario came along and found the letter his wife wrote him in her final hours Bobbery then begins to sail once again how can you not support Paper Mario all pokemon has is some 40 year old guy who says he has been 10 for to long going around abusing animals and making them fight against that of small children that is just horrible CHOOSE PAPER MARIO
  10. um vote is still the same... I'll pull a Zephyr and do Paper Mario anyway. Oh haha thought you meant you were changing your vote you got my hopes up