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  1. Agreed. The Chuck Norris stuff is getting old. well.
  2. Maybe someone could make a flash card-game (like Newgrounds Card Game or The Necronimicon) with things from the game, like items (including powerups, relics, and some weapons), Animal Orbs, and characters. It could be done and would be pretty good if someone made them at least decent.
  3. Yeahhh!!! He is a druid. I'm going with that. I thought Snakey was a Druid though.
  4. I like these ideas! Especially Synj. Here's a magic moveset: RT+Y: Shoots a large fireball (like AH) from his mouth. RT+B/RT+Y Air: Fires a smaller fireball from his mouth. RT+A: Spin jumps into the air, knocking down foes.
  5. I know I made this face when I saw his posts.
  6. You got that right. Oh and by the way, don't be offended by my post in your "serious Insane Player" post. It brought up a memory that was hilarious back in the days. My highest level is in my sig. Yea, I kind of just read your post, I all ready replied to your message. It seemed kind of hard but it seemed as you where trying to flame me or something. Yeah, sorry 'bout that. Most people who right in all-caps and write maaaaany exclamation points thin they're serious.
  7. No need to get serious. Im only messing around with you. Lighten up! I'd join, but my highest level is in my sig.
  8. You got that right. Oh and by the way, don't be offended by my post in your "serious Insane Player" post. It brought up a memory that was hilarious back in the days. My highest level is in my sig.
  11. There pretty much are jungle levels in the game all ready? I'd consider "Thieves Forest" to be, oh I don't know, a forest! Just kidding.
  12. Sounds pretty cool to me, although it's a little too late for that now.
  13. I'm still confused on how this would work. Would it be a mode accesible from the map (like Insane Mode). If not, is it a circle (area) on the map like a regular level. If you said yes to the second option, how would that work? If you picked the Orange Knight for example on the character selection screen, would it prohibit you to enter the "new levels."
  14. IT actually has to do with Newgrounds, the site that Tom Fulp created. In it, there's a clown called Tricky that appears in some good flash movies and just messes everything up. He just pops out of nowhere with his "twigs and berries" and twirls it around (which is why he has a stitch in his crotch area. ) The only place I remember seeing him was in the hidden video of the flash "Queers of War."
  15. Are we talking a couple of levels or a whole new game, because I highly doubt the Behemoth would put more than three levels into a DLC (although I reeeeeeeeeally hope they would!! )
  16. I would hope for: -Underwater Level -Industrial Castle 2.0 (more info later on) For the new Inustrial Castle 2.0, Frenchy is still alive and has a new castle. You go left (from the King's Arena) to go to his castle. You'll start off with 4 Grey Knights and another 3 Grey Knights holding a large pole (for forcing open doors). You'll run across a barren wasteland and fight Thieves and Fencers, stopping three times before getting to the castle. When you get there, the camera will be inside the castle, with Frenchy odering people to fix up the place. You'll see the door burst three times and Frenchy with a surprised face. It'll finally open and he'll make the weird surprised sound. The Grey Knights prepare to attack...only to be greeted with a giant sawblade cutting and killing them. It then starts off on a large Converyor Belt. After avoiding saws and hammers, you fight a couple of Industrialists and Fencers on the converyor belt. There are 3 hammers that pound down every 5 seconds in the left,middle, and right of the screen. After you lay waste to them, you'll dodge more obstacles and fight another batch of enemies. You'll finally jump off the conveyor belt, but more obstacles are yet to come. You'll have to jump over lava pits and onto some platforms to not get burned, and go across a slippery floor while spikes are coming out of the wall (which covers the other two elements that weren't in the first Industrial Castle. When you cross those, you'll see a mini cut-scene with the French Guy and two beefy Indutrialist walking to an elevator. Only this time, it's not giant; it's only for Frenchy. So you'll have to take the stairs. Cut to long cliche staircase part of the level! You'll go up the stairs, stopping three times to fight Industrialists and Fencers until you get to the top.You'll see Frenchy sitting on a golden throne with his portrait in the background. He'll be surprised and then send off his Beefy Industrialists. Lay waste to them and then he'll look surprised...not before he pulls out a fencing sword. Time for a duel! The fight will be a little like The Necromancers, except he's a bit easier and trys to be cunning rather than straightforward. Occasionaly, jump to his throne and send two more Beefy Industrialists, and then continue again. When you finally defeat him, he'll fall to the ground and start trying to crawl away . As he crawls away, you get to control yourself know what to do. When you hit him, you'll see a cutscene of him falling down the loooooong staircase. It'll pan back up, and you'll see the King run from nowhere to where you're standing to stirke a flag with his face in it into the ground.You'll see a poster fling over Frenchy's face with, you guessed it, the King's face instead. What do you think?
  17. Enjoyed playing Dad 'N' Me! Maybe the kids can be replaced by random enemies. So you'll get the Dad 'n' Me Kid, and a new long level! Maybe when he goes Beefy, he looks like his dad.
  18. He has a stitch in his pants. People who know about Tricky and his ahem obsession with his "frank and beans."
  19. Maybe the girl characters would high five the princesses. Maybe it's because of the making out reason that the Behemoth won't put female characters. They wouldn't want to put "Women Kissing" on their ERSB rating.
  20. Yeah it would be overpowered, but hey, it would be cool right? The Conehead Groom sounds liek a good idea, since Peasant unlocks Civilian ( ) and Conehaed doesn't unlock anything right now. Thanks. I just thought of when you and another beefy lock arms and have to press X repeatedly, so I thought of wrestling.
  21. Thanks a bunch! I'll put it as my avatar right now!
  22. Guffawer


    When people post DLC ideas, it's only ideas. Not what they expect to put all in one DLC. Of course we know it's not all going to be in one package, it'd cost a lot of money and would tak The Behemoth a while to put all of that content in.
  23. .... o h yea.... I forgot about that too.
  24. An underwater level where you're it feels as if gravity is overcoming you when you jump and pirahnas (sp?) attack you. Maybe the fish people as well and some new knight that's goes underwater.