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  1. Banned for not putting capitals!
  2. I agree, the Behemoth has made epic bosses in Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. Hopefully, Battleblock Theater will have equally epic boss fights.
  3. This seems extremely confusing...
  4. Sweet! All that's left is giving people Forum Achievements for doing various things.
  5. My halloween conpletely sucked considering it rained the whole time. We had to go home early and we got almost no candy. Plus, my costume wasn't appreciated my most (I was Kanye West and my friend was Taylor Swift. I interupted her the WHOLE TIME.)
  6. Cool art. I'll be waiting for moar.
  7. Guffawer

    Run Primid Run!

    Game #3 (crappy) Fan Art. On Cory and jakjak's forums, he is called the Primid. This is what he is called for me. He's running...from what, we don't know! He's capturign territories and is about to run into a bomb square. Hooray!
  8. Hah, cool fan art Are! I wish I could make good drawings like that.
  9. Guffawer

    Master Chief

    The Master Chief looks great!
  10. For some reason, I'm missing the Hat Achievement, even though I'm sure I did all the requirements for all the hats. That, and Head Biting achievement is left. I got 43 Head Chomps the other day.
  11. ...No offense, but what the hell does that have to do with this?
  12. ugh, Queers of War was...*shudder*
  13. I was thinking of a Contol Point capture thing too blob. YOU ARE NOT ALONE ON THAT ADDICTION. I've played that nonstop since I got it.
  14. I'll do it someday....... .....someday..... I haven't decided any winners yet. For now, you can keep entering things in the contest Okayz.
  15. This guy is pretty cool. So is the Russian guy, and the AH-esque one.
  16. Great idea! I can imagine screaming "OM NOM NOM" when eating.
  17. Haha nice! This is based off of your Tag idea: Infected: One person starts as a skeleton character and has to touch other players. Once you're touched (when you're not infected) you become a skelton in a puff of green clouds. Get everyone to be infected, and the game is over. Depending on how much people are playing, there will be a different amount of Infected characters. Greenish smoke always follows infected for visual display.
  18. REVIVED. Post the winners and runner-ups Blob!
  19. We know about the Territories Mode, soccer game mode, and others, but what other modes await in Game #3? Post your ideas here! Perhaps one mode would just be an all out battle royale.
  20. Guffawer

    Random Stuff

    I liked the Cubehead avatar best. It accentuates his...awesomeness.
  21. DOn't really care what it comes out for. I could play either way!
  22. Dan, you rock. That tour was hilarious (but I feel bad for everyone he mocked) and I started laughing at least 5 times. Your face at the end was priceless...reminded me of the "LOLWUT" face.
  23. Wait...wha? He's been stealing them off something else?