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  1. It is very possible to get the 2 working together, you just have to make sure the controller is assigned to any other player besides "1" A way to do this is to have 2 360 controllers and plug both in, the 2nd will become player 2 and afterwards you can feel free to unplug the first controller If you only have 1 controller a method I found online was to hit the xbox button so this will pop up http://i.imgur.com/W0DF8.jpg When you see that quickly unplug and plug back in the controller and it should become player 2
  2. I remember making some pointless threads a few years back, good times
  3. Online/Steam, PC Pirated maybe like 2 games the last year
  4. Pretty much anywhere with gameplay
  5. Try using x360ce, I never tried it myself but I heard it'll allow controllers be emulated as 360 controller inputs
  6. http://xat.com/chat/room/41510921/ Man, that was a long time ago... Lol why do you still have the link to that? And yes that was a long time ago. Good times, lots of drama, etc
  7. Another feature that would be nice is push to talk (mic stays muted until you hold down a button to unmute) and a text chat box
  8. If you have a second controller plug it in and it'll assign itself to player 2
  9. A while back I was cleaning out my friends list since I don't even talk to more than half of them. I think it was around the time I left the forum for a while What has he being saying about me? I'll kill him!
  10. wonder if anyone here remembers me too
  11. When I change my controls I notice I can't bind anything to my mouse, why's that? Also I notice a little input lag while playing, my brother is getting the same problem on his computer, anyone else?
  12. Oh macs, soo overpriced for crap hardware. That and integrated graphic cards are a big fat no no. If you're gonna get something at that price range get this instead http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6834230174 I know you said you're probably only going to play minecraft but with a laptop like this it can handle games like BF3 on high pretty fine and way better.
  13. It's capped to 10mbps, I'd get a eithernet cable that's 100mbps first and if it still says 10mbps get a better router, and if speedtest still shows low speed you need a new ISP