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  1. the emerald just makes me think sonic. For some reason im still hoping for an old school rpg Final Fantasy IV style with behemoth's art and humor.
  2. I would love an old school RPG (a la Final Fantasy III) It would look awesome with Dan's art style.
  3. "Unless your name is Bill ****ing Gates, I'm not speaking to you. Put Bill on the line." edit: I put the link in my original post so people could find it easier in the thread.
  4. You have to be an insider subscriber to watch it, until it goes up on youtube that is... PS. Good job Dan.
  5. Well your post s saying what I think mot of us wish, but the ideal rarely coincides with the reality.
  6. this really isn't going to stop multiple threads about dlc. What will stop it is one stickied thread along with every other thread dealing with it being deleted. However, people on this board are using the term DLC to justify their own ideas for, "wouldn't it be cool if." unless we are talking bout my dragoon.... Dragoon in Castle Crashers!!! [attachment=0]dragoon_final.jpg[/attachment]
  7. also, "definitive" As in the definitive live arcade experience
  8. i love castle crashers... but this mini game sucks balls. I hate button mashing. I'm all bout style.
  9. I have found the green knight to be the weakest due t the fact that he is very hard to "crowd surf"* with. *crowd surfing is jumping into a group of enemies and mashing the Y button to keep yourself hitting them and off the ground at the same time. Also makes it easy to traverse across the field of view.
  10. if players create it they dont need permission, there was art going around with sackboy in mario's hat and in a katamari suit. If you look, you can play as master chief on a ps3, Unreal Tournament 3's user generated content.
  11. which is like 7 bucks a person after all is said and done...
  12. you guys definitely need to say what kind of game it is asap...
  13. they should do a side-scrolling shadow of the collossus like level, where the entire level is running next to a huge boss having to jump up onto platforms and hit him in specific spots. Also, the boss is moving so itll be hard to keep up, but will have animals along the ground to move around with.
  14. Orange Knight: 79 Red Dragon Minion: 51 Icekimo: 50 Grey Knight: 43 Peasant: 41 Brute: 19 = completed game (skull)