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  1. ok it happened to me twice once i just beat the game and then i didnt get my character unlocked then i beat it again and it froze on me i was so pissed of i went to local and played it and then finally i beat him then got it but when i played on him i had everything gone but stats and i was like ok ill get it back then i while later after i had everything back i went and join my friends game without an inv and then we started it up and then i laged out i was getting bored of not finding a party so i played a local game and i found out everything was gone no stats everything i exited right away tried to do the create a party and toggle ready but nothing worked i lost everything. of subject i recently just won my 20th ranked all you can quaff game but the guy quit and i didnt and still can get the achievement i am more worried about the achievement then my characters.