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  1. Today i recently bought the DLC while in the middle of a offline game. All was well until I went to get the new weapons and animal orb. I have both the king and open-faced knight, but I do not have the new sword or the lollipop weapon. So, is there a way that someone can give me the pet/sword/lollipop? because this is kinda annoying that i spent 160ms points on 2 characers -Khronik Kiiier Ok I solved the problem, I kinda posted a little too hastily. I completely exited game and clicked download again and now I have the missing items. Sorry for the waste of space =\
  2. and gets Mr. and a /farewell from ME, cuz i r over CC so...RAINBOW SIX LAS VEGAS 2 BABEH *inserts final quarter [for me(maybe, maybe not)]
  3. you get 'd*inserts a quarter with string and pulls it out* muahaha
  4. I was playing CC and there was this guy that joined my game...he had every character level 99, beaten on insane, and hit at around 500-700 a swing HE EVEN DENIED IT!!! so yeah, flame down those hackers( refrain from bad language plz) here and if your a hacker you should burn in haile. !EDIT!: i just remembered, he also wasn't knocked down from attacks and only received one damage
  5. REd is easiest to play, i picked blue (not that its much harder )
  6. his splash should be a mass "BANISH YOU FROM KINGDOM" muahahha
  7. Banned for liking the rams, and being little
  8. Banned for the funniest avatar link
  9. i got a leet skills 52 or 53 blue knight, i cant remember...but im maxxed str,magic (i think) and defence
  10. OH GOD hes 13 im treating him WAY differently now jk jk, i dont care unless your like < 8 then there is a problem BTW im 16
  11. TOTAL # of posts ------------------ = posts per day days on forum aka post more = more posts a day (either youre offtopic or there is some meaning im just not understanding)
  12. Pay me thru paypal and u got ur blue knight