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  1. There's a ton of people from the earlier pages that he hasn't gotten around to yet, myself included.
  2. Can't have that for this concept of a game, it will only lead to people finding ways to try to get it one way or another.
  3. This is why the concept of having them that rare would come to this long run.
  4. I sent a FR, but I need Furrbottom and Winston.
  5. Wouldn't there be like a list of featured playlists and the main feature should be big? Like a restarunt menu? You could still get the star head that was released on that playlist. That's an interesting idea, but the point of the star heads being released on a weekly basis is to keep players entertained and coming back. If they made a menu with every Furbottom's Feature, it would defeat the purpose since you could just walk away for months and then come back one day and just get them all. The current method is rewarding the loyal fans. Tell that to the "loyal fans" who did all of this to get Winston for it to glitch on them, I know at least 2 people this happened too. It's not funny at all.
  6. I would not count getting the game a week early as loyal, that seems more so someone that will play your game 5 years later on and get people to buy it. Borderlands 1 comes to mind in that aspect. Anyways the whole reason prisoners have to be released at a later date was I made a comment about it and instead of me being told honestly hey we will release them at a later date I was given the tough luck attitude over it. O.o
  7. So pretty much this topic turned into everyone wanting The Chicken Head...
  8. This was why I said it was a bad idea to make them this rare to begin with, so I don't really blame anyone who makes these topics.
  9. I dunno I have Castle Crasher Head, and Alien. I don't know what else people would be interested in. I will send you an add today Silencedhero33.
  10. If someone wants to play Co Op for Winston my GT is my account name. But yeah mostly looking for the 3 I don't have.
  11. And people wonder why I am aggravated by how this trade system works. lol
  12. It's just more so the principle, can't compare this to CoD.
  13. Just a gamer that had a point proven is all, thanks for your time and concern.
  14. Anyone who is in to the game, will get it launch day. Someone who is more dedicated to the game will get what they deserve. Also comparing it to DLC is incomprehensible. I see your argument and understand it, but it's just that it doesn't have enough valid points. You didn't get the head because you sucked at the game, you weren't dedicated enough to learn how to beat that specific Furbottom's playlist, or didn't get the game early. There has to be a reward for people who are willing to put time into the game to follow it, learn it, and constantly play it. If there are no extra perks for those types of people, then it's pretty much a dead community. It's tough luck. All you have done is proved my point, so thanks.
  15. Uh unless they give it again or someone wants to offer it. It's like DLC that you can't get anymore for missing it already. I just don't see that as a great way for people that want to consider buying the game long run at this rate. At least with the Rubber Hand Sword from CC it was still possible to get as people are willing to help get it. This seems like a whole different story tho. For example if I went and bought the game right now, how many would be willing to offer it? Possibly none, and that is sorta my point.
  16. Not being able to get the Chicken Head now is actually off putting to why even buy the game if it's going to have 1 week exclusive heads that you can't get again?
  17. Anyone else still have the 2x4 that is willing to help out? I thought I had it but I missed out on it.
  18. I have the rubber handed sword, green gem blade, silver lightning bolt,and a few other rare weapons, but no ninja claw. I sent you a friend request. Hopefully you can be on sometime this week.
  19. You happen to have the 2x4 for 360?
  20. Yea, I know that. I just told you my friend has it after the patch... Exactly why I don't believe it until I see it. lol
  21. They never "offered" the sword, and those who got the sword from the scene after Final Battle had it removed from their Weapon Frog after the most recent update. My friend, however, has the Legend of the Blacksmith Pack and happens to have that weapon and the 4 others. This is all solid info that you probably won't believe. Look up 2x4 for PS3. People had it before the patch.
  22. Well, he doesn't play Castle Crashers anymore and I've asked him more than enough times for the weapons, just to see a NO. Believe me, if I had the weapons I'd give them to you. Um sorry but I find it hard to believe that without proof right now as they did offer the 2x4 before the update for PS3.
  23. So you have the weapons or you are looking for them?
  24. It's not, it was removed in an update for the PS3 version and the only known way to get it now is for 360 from trading.
  25. Well I have Gold now for a year or so. So if anyone still happens to be willing to offer it just let me know GT is WickedRogue.