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  1. Looking for the 2x4 for 360, I keep hearing it is real on it but I haven't actually seen it, also looking for any other rare weapons for 360. Like the Gold claws. GT is WickedRogue, Thanks!
  2. So I finally saw someone that had it, I asked for it and instead he kicked me and quit the game.
  3. Is anyone going online this weekend while Gold is free so I can get these weapons?
  4. Well I have yet to have actually seen anyone with the 2x4 on 360, just claims of it. Plus now my free Xbox Live Gold is ending. So I am going to just assume no one actually has it and it's possibly being mistaken for the Wooden Mace again or the Wooden Sword.
  5. If someone has it on 360 this weekend and wants to offer it lemme know as 360 is free this weekend and am hoping to get the 2x4 and the mancatcher. My GT is WickedRogue.
  6. So did he actually have the 2x4? I am wondering if this was suppose to be the 5th item in the Blacksmith pack.
  7. didnt this get tested before release with infected accounts? At the rate of future unreleased content being dumped onto it. I'm going to take a wild guess and say no. lol
  8. That is because the data is saved to your Gamertag. Castle Crashers does not have a save file for Xbox 360.
  9. Basically it's the Alien again. 360 needs an achievement unlock. PS3 needs to buy it this time tho.
  10. Gem Sword is Hatty's starting weapon. And that would make it a new weapon. The blacksmith's hammer is his starting weapon, but that counts as a new weapon. Right, just wanted to point that out as the Pink Knight gets the NG Lollipop but that was also in the King's Pack as well for 360.
  11. Gem Sword is Hatty's starting weapon.
  12. Well the Pink Knight DLC. If you already bought the King Pack then you have the NG Lollipop.
  13. it works for me Yeah it works for you. But not everyone. It has pretty much spread that it's broken online. Like I can go join a random game, but if I try to join people. "Game not available anymore." Leads to you know, a broken part of the game.
  14. The reason Scott Pilgrim is on it is because it is the most sold game as of January 2011 for the PSN. If the online would have worked for Castle Crashers for PS3 maybe more people would be buying it. lol
  15. I don't plan on buying BattleBlock Theater tho at the rate of what I have seen. Maybe if Story has online like Castle Crashers then maybe, but as of right now.......no thanks. That's just my opinion tho. Plus the fact that PS3 Castle Crashers is broken online still just dampers the why buy the next game if the last one is still broken? I have like 3 people I want to play with and all we ever do is ask each other is when is Version 1.02 of CC coming to PS3.
  16. Alien Hominid released on the Xbox, too. The reason Alien Hominid isn't on the PS3, if I remember correctly, is because The Behemoth lacks the spare time and money to do it at the moment. And, like Basilisk said, it's hardly worth paying $10 just for a new Castle Crashers character. I'd give up the Alien character in PS3 Castle Crashers any day in exchange for Alien Hominid HD. If my guessing is correct, even The Behemoth doesn't know at this point whether or not the Pink Knight will cost money on the 360 version. They might not even have a choice about it. Of course, I'm not completely sure, so don't take my word for it. Either way, it's $2, and it's for charity, would it really be that big of a deal to have to pay it? Nah, it's not that. I'm just not a big fan of hidden content to not be released or released at a later date for a price. More so hidden content that is never unlocked tho. Like the Rubber Handle Sword and the 2x4 for the PS3 atm.
  17. I think you mean the Alien and the Ray Gun. Yeah I was guessing on the price as I rarely go on the Marketplace these days. Technically it's not a gift tho as you have to buy Alien Hominid HD. lol
  18. Thanks for answering the question on that, I appreciate it.
  19. It isn't a guest account, on the ps3 you can't have more than one profile while playing locally, so the game automatically numbers the players even if it's only one. That's for this game tho, for Little Big Planet you can have 4 people with 4 accounts going at once.
  20. PS3 doesn't get Alien Hominid at all! Personally, I like it better than Castle Crashers. Of course, that's comparing chocolate to peanut butter. Plus, we got the game a year and a half late. I'd be all for switching places for BattleBlock Theater, if you really want. That is actually because Alien Hominid is on PS2 not PS3. So they didn't know how to handle that thus they decided to just have the Alien be an inside unlock in the game. Also to get the Alien for 360 you have to own the Alien's game so, that alone is $15 regular price I believe. So currently I wouldn't be shocked if the Pink Knight is free but the weapons costing some $ as 360 already has the Lollipop in a different DLC pack.
  21. What is the Pink Knight's best stat..........magic?
  22. i really liked the Criterion motorcycles and classical music update. so great!for sony/microsoft/nintendo, all retail and downloadable titles are both run by different sets of rules. all examples you have given are retail titles, so... conspiracy theories are okay, too. DARN DEVELOPERS ALL FIBBING TO US, ETC. I'm more curious if you guys plan to have one console have weapons and the other have them locked away as content still or is the update going to even out the weapons even tho the PS3 is still missing the Rubber Handle Sword and the 2x4?
  23. I did, but sadly didn't notice anything past the casual references to the ending, in earlier attacks. Reference to the ending, how so? You mean the pink bear things?
  24. I forgot the stats but the only one that seems worth it is the fish for magic users. Some of them require level 30. Dunno why lol P.S. The Lollipop tho is same stats as 360 and is still at level 1 at least.