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  1. Unless the Pink Knight and Lollipop are planned DLC. That, I could see happening. That could be possible yes, I am not going to be like you are totally wrong. You could be right.....but they did make it sound like all DLC from The King Pack and The Necromancer Pack were free with it on day 1. So it is something up in the air until a dev wants to speak up about it. lol
  2. Until someone finds the Lollipop, can't really say the Pink Knight is not in the game either.
  3. Well it lets you have more money long run but yeah, it limits you when a character is at level 1.
  4. It's a default mechanism so your character always has a weapon for if something happens like this.
  5. Did you get the character or did you get it from a drop?
  6. This sounds like the 2x4 problem also, except that one makes it into the frog and disappears whenever you quit the game.
  7. WickedRogue


    Is funny how the worst character with 10 of them on screen is harder then alot of things on screen that end up 10 plus.
  8. in the first store XD In the first store on Insane Mode only.
  9. It's a hard debate, M$ for stealing money to cash in on DLC. Or the PS3 version of the weapons which some are not great now compared to there 360 counterpart.
  10. First of all, this should also be brought up in the technical issues thread. But I think I have this figured out, it has to do with how the original let you use multiple profiles and how the PS3 doesn't atm. You'll have this problem when playing local co-op. The first sign being your inability to pick the weapon up from the frog, even though you just got it. This still happens online too, so I've been letting my friend pick up all the weapons and then I get them from her when it's just the two of us. No, I am having the problem with this weapon and I am not even playing co-op. It just vanishes every time I quit the game and go back on it.
  11. Right, except now it seems to be magically taken away from the Weapon area. Another glitch it seems. Only if you have any local co-op going on when you get it. Um no seriously, it is happening to more people then just me.
  12. Right, except now it seems to be magically taken away from the Weapon area. Another glitch it seems.
  13. Because we have two whole new rows of weapons to fill. There are lots of them that haven't been found yet. Yeah, up until last night only 2 were found, now 3 have been. They are very well hidden is half the problem and then not enough trying to look for them.
  14. Any word on the NG Lollipop yet or the Rubber Handle Sword? Those are the 2 that still have not been mentioned for PS3 appearing yet.
  15. http://forums.thebehemoth.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=11129
  16. I don't like how they nerfed it for the PS3, it was one of the better weapons and now it is not really imo.
  17. No theyre not. You dont have the plunger. But yes, there is the Lollipop. Oh yeah my bad, I forgot about that one. Never know tho it might be in this one.
  18. Where are people running into it? I have the Wooden Sword but not this weapon yet?
  19. Ok so besides arguing just to argue, you do understand all the weapons from that game are in the 360 version atm?
  20. It's not fan made, it's a mini-game they made while creating Castle Crashers.
  21. How about we get down to the mystery's that we have not unlocked or figured out yet for PS3? So far we have the NG Lollipop! Now to me since it is not in the Insane Shop I believe it is possible the Pink Knight might be in the game! Why did I come to that conclusion? Well on the New Ground site when you level up, the Pink Knight is the one using the Lollipop! Necromancer and Cult Minion! I am assuming since the other 2 DLC characters were unlocked from beating specific areas in Insane mode these 2 will likely be given in the same fashion we just don't know what stages yet! Edit: Necromancer - Beat Industrial Castle on Insane Edit: Cult Minion - Beat Ice Wizard on Insane Whole new row of where weapons go now! All I have so far is that people have "seen 2 of them so far" one being a wooden stick and the other a wooden sword? Rubber Handle Sword! Seems to me like this one will be the same thing again, secretly handed out at a later date like a viral achievement.
  22. Well they say all. We have yet to find the Necromancer or the Minion yet tho, or the NG Lollipop.
  23. I dunno about lvl 50 weps, that might be a lie. But the Painter Boss now paints scissors. I dunno it sounds like there is a row of level 30 weapons now. I have no proof yet as I have not beat the game yet but it is what I keep hearing.
  24. How? I've beat the game 4 times now and I don't see it. Insane Mode.