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  1. I keep hearing rumors now of new weapons, but no pics or stats to even prove it. lol
  2. Anyone else find it funny that the Lollipop is missing and it is what the Pink Knight uses on the NG site?
  3. Ah so the other 2 are gotten from Insane mode then at that rate.
  4. They added level 50 weapons? The highest in 360 was level 20?
  5. WickedRogue

    red knight

    Didn't The Behemoth say they were shocked how much damage the Red Knight does? As in they didn't even expect it to do as much as he does?
  6. Iceskimo! Is why I only have a Gold Skull with him atm. I prefered to do it with the hardest character first for bragging rights.
  7. Make sure you totally exit the game and redownload the DLC. It should hopefully work then.
  8. This is not the first company or last to reward a system for getting something later. So far there is nothing to say all 28 characters are not on the PS3 also. They have made very sure that the Alien is in it and he would have been the only one not to make the original cut also.
  9. They exploited the coding of the dev teams coding...was common practice on PS2 games. I don't get why people are shocked it happened. I do blame Microsoft tho for allowing it to happen on there "controlled online service."
  10. Yeah, you can't hack save files as easily as people are doing with the 360 versions of games.
  11. I bet you the Alien will cost $ to get as DLC.
  12. The whole reason the Alien can't change the gun is because it would become to powerful. It was stated way before "The King DLC" was released.
  13. Kelly it's back up now, here is the link for everyone. http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/games/offers/0ccf0002-0000-4000-8000-0000584108b7
  14. Well if Kelly doesn't know then at least it wasn't The Behemoth decision like Activision and there Marvel Alliance DLC. That pissed off alot of people including myself. So hopefully it should be fixed soon. P.S. Tired to look for it in my download content history and it doesn't even appear in it. It comes up as the rest of the stuff they remove from Marketplace for good. "Unknown Game" "Unknown Offer". P.S.S It seems it now appears under download content if you have it but it is a broken link so at least those who have bought it, it has returned to your download content history.
  15. I'm at the point of thinking someone isn't playing fair and is using other means to keep claiming them as they keep going in 20 sec.
  16. Some of us have been here since the game has been out. >_<; I don't have the Necro DLC either.
  17. Anyone have any idea who was suppose to be in the pack
  18. So has anyone figured out what the big thing that was suppose to happen here yet or do you think we will have to wait until later today?
  19. I for one appreciate the effort for at least telling us there is some news coming soon about it. So thanks Kelly!
  20. MajorNelson was the first to post when the King's Pack was released. I assume he will be the first for the next one.
  21. It will be just like fighting a Conehead as a Conehead.
  22. No because all of the download content is already in the game. Unless The Behemoth decides to make additional content for the game.
  23. Any update if he gets to use pitchforck and Ray Gun now? Or is it just Ray Gun?
  24. I guess it means if you happen to have the Ray Gun in the frog he can pick it back up now? Then can't switch back to any other weapon.