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  1. So it can use the two prong sword now?
  2. So what did the update do to the Alien with the Pitchfork glitch and what not. The Alien can equip any gun now? I'm just hoping someone can clear it up for me. Thanks!
  3. Guys stop It you cant prove this is DLC! Like the weapon glitch to see extra weapons in the inventory? You cant prove that thats DLC at all! It could be a glitch revealing unused sprites. DAN P Emil probally Kelly Can reveal the CC DLC. They don't wanna say if those are or arn't so people are going to assume so until proven otherwise.
  4. They were hacked into the game until proven otherwise.
  5. No it's not out yet and we won't know what is in it exactly until it is out.
  6. I would have voted Industrialist also but that is not one of the options!
  7. Well pretty much unless they admit it, it was hacked. But that's just my opinion.
  8. This won't unlock anything. If you have a plausible theory, please post it, but ideas like this might spread into rumors. Oh, sorry I didn't know it was confirmed yet to not unlock anything.
  9. I would have agreed that it was found in the game randomly from an idea but now, 2 weapons in 2 days. Wouldn't be surprised if a 3rd one appeared soon. Say perhaps the Lolipop.
  10. Thoughts as in theory wise? Beat the game with everyone on insane perhaps?
  11. Well people were saying it had something to do with the gamesave on Gamefaqs so that's why I brought that up. It's not like they intended for us to get the Alien Ray Gun either.
  12. Since noone else seems to take it seriously I want to point out that I personally think someone modified the game save to have those weapons. But its just my personal opinion from being a gamer for a long time.
  13. I doubt he will reply, hes been avoiding if its possible to get the Alien Ray Gun legit, let alone the Scepter.
  14. I don't see why everyone is in a rush for it. I mean there is still offline play. It's not like anyone has beaten the game yet with every character on insane. So yeah, just give them the time they need.
  15. I wouldn't mind having the other 3 Knights like the one we get for free even if I had to buy them.
  16. It does effect everyone, as everyone is put on the leaderboards.
  17. Has anyone gotten an official word yet if we were suppose to ever get it?
  18. If you were doing your business in another room and you came out to see your friend dead wouldn't you be sad and angry too?
  19. No problem, let me know if it works for you.
  20. Where was 'conehead' confirmed? I went by this: http://devblog.thebehemoth.com/?cat=9&paged=3 Where was 'snakey' confirmed? Oh, I was going by the leaderboards on Xbox live. Since they seem to give more info about names then anywhere else on the net.
  21. All we can do is hope for an answer. All it is right now really is speculation.
  22. I think if they are able to fix the exploit with exp they should reset the leaderboards after they are able to fix it since you would need to be online for it. If that doesn't work out then it should be based on beating the game on insane then. But that's just my opinion on the subject.
  23. Major Nelson stated Gamer Pics will still work after the fall update.
  24. Supposedly everyone was suppose to get them automatically just from playing Castle Crashers for the first time. But it turns out half the people that downloaded the game and played it didn't get them at all. So it keeps arising on why they didn't get them or how to get them. So I personally created a 2nd profile offline and went on the game with it and then they appeared. So i'm not sure if it will work with everyone but from the few that have tried my method it has worked.
  25. Need to fix Periwinkle Knight to Conehead since that's the official name for him.