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  1. Yes, an offline one will do. Just have to go onto the game with it. You can double check under Gamer Pictures afterwards to see if you have the one that says. Castle Crashers.
  2. Well, hopefully Dan will see this topic so we can find out the answer.
  3. Besides the ones that I hear we are getting. Logically I would hope for the French King. The Pink Knight since we have the lollipop coming eventually. Then lastly hopefully the Princess's.
  4. I know this is probably not the best time to ask but! I was wondering if there is anymore plans for Gamer Pic's and Theme's for Castle Crashers. I personally am hoping for at least a Gamer Pic for each of the playable characters so people will know who i'm using when they see my Gamer pic. P.S. The free Theme was very nice and I appreciate it alot!
  5. Just wanted to let The Behemoth Forums know that some people are having trouble with getting the 2 free gamer pics. I solved the problem myself with creating a 2nd account and logging onto the game to get them. But its still a weird glitch that I thought you guys should know. Since I heard there suppose to appear automatically the first time you play the game.
  6. So everything in this game poops and farts.
  7. From what I heard they have no plans for Sequels or spin off's to there current games and for the games in the future. But that's just what I heard from the podcast thing.
  8. Well I mean logically we wouldn't have it at all if it wasn't for a glitch in the game is what I mean. So it makes it more of a mystery.
  9. The boomerang exploits saddens me as it makes the ranking system broken.
  10. I dunno, seems weird to have to get it from a glitch in the game. I think someone should ask Dan about it.
  11. Anyone found out yet from the Dev's why it appears in the frog? Do they even know people have it? I mean it's weird since the alien's don't drop it.
  12. Any idea what the Barbarian looks like without the helmet?
  13. There is currently 13 weapons not in the game. It seems 4 will be in the next DLC but that's just my guess.
  14. Well the ending of the game pretty much explains something important about the Alien.
  15. Yes, those are all the weapons... No, there is more weapons. They just are not all in the games coding yet.