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  1. clockworK

    Call of duty modern warfare 2

    and i just played with dan paladin for a while tonight....VICTORYYYY
  2. clockworK

    castle crashers pics

    theyre halfway down the gamerpic list, not at the bottom
  3. clockworK

    Chicken and Scratchpaw (And Others) In Clay (I still exist!)

    off topic but weegee r u the same weegee guy from the offcial mario kart wii forums?
  4. clockworK

    2.5 million

    ya so far it made around 2.5mil..but i think mircrosoft gets around 30% dont they, then the rest goes to the team?
  5. clockworK

    Chicken and Scratchpaw (And Others) In Clay (I still exist!)

    damn those r awsome lol monkeyface next?
  6. clockworK

    Barbarian figure

    lol limited addition
  7. clockworK

    WHO IS Commoner??

    since when are ppl callin him the commoner lol, i always thought he was called the civilian
  8. clockworK

    so...there arent 22 unlockable characters?

    lol Keith ur avatars pimp
  9. clockworK

    Who is your favorite character?

    so far its brute then periwinkle
  10. clockworK

    Brute Magic is Epic...

    definitely worth gettin the brute, since i got him n seen his magic and how awsome it is..instant fav..
  11. clockworK


    well if u dont have alien hominid, then thats not all the characters is it lol
  12. clockworK

    The coolest scene in the game (Your opinions?)

    ya im goin to hafta say the bears, how they just flip over like gummy bears or sumthin lol
  13. y is this in the AH forums lol
  14. clockworK

    VOLLEY-BALL! DLC Minigame Idea! *UPDATED

    soccer or hockey would be better than volleyball =/