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  1. Thanks for all the positive input. Depending on how bored I get I may decide to move characters to the left as stated earlier. I may also make a quick reference like this for the weapons. It would show the weapon, show what item and/or animal you need to get it, what stage, and maybe a little screen shot of the level area in the background.
  2. Or, you can get someone who has already beaten the game to run you through the listed levels.
  3. ... c=45221776 This level?
  4. 50 red. 6-ish thief. 20-something Icekimo. need to do insane with my red and unlock the characters I don't have.
  5. I could give you the PSD file, but it wouldn't help. I wasn't thinking and I just put the character backgrounds on the same layer. I REALLY don't feel like rendering the characters after using that pattern behind them. Also, added a description on how to unlock grey.
  6. I was thinking about it, but I decided I was too lazy.
  7. This is pretty sweet. Keep up the good work!
  8. Currently stuck on troll boss. I'm sure I could do it if my friend would help instead of making new characters all the time though.
  9. There's a picture floating around that's supposedly a dump of image files from the game. It shows all the characters on my chart. All the weapons, including chainsaw, plus a few others. As well as 2 more animal orbs. The amount of weapons would fill the armory, and one of the new pets would be the 4th 'water' pet. Since the image makes sense it's believed to be an actual dump. I'm not sure if it's been proven real though. Anyways, the image doesn't have the wizard on it. Just his minion. If the wizard ends up being DLC then I'll add him to one of the empty spaces.
  10. It means the characters will be future DLC. Well, the King and Necro are. I'm assuming Open-visor Knight and Wizard Minion will be as well.
  11. Thanks! Yes, the arrows mean you get the character the arrow points to when you beat the game. I just listed Grey Knight as "Start" since you get him very early and I was too lazy to change his background. I may change it later to show you must kill barbarian boss.
  12. I put this together. edit: Changed grey knight text.