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  1. i need people to click it please i need views.
  2. yeah i know, at the least we should be able to select our own stage. nothing worse than getting the dam ice level.
  3. I , along with many others, play the game on a website called , basically because i like the competetive stuff. Anyways, when selecting arena the game mode we play is called melee, but we can still use magic, why??? I think they should make another gametype called Melee Only, in which you can only use your sword, no bows , no magic, or maybe allow bows. This would make games require more skill because it would come down to who can combo better, instead of how most people win by just spamming the mage jump because its unfair. I dont think it would be that hard to make and it will be amazing for the competetive community. Thanks for reading, admins, please take this into strong consideration.