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  1. Shaky

    Cave Dwellers...AASSEEMMBBLLEE!!!!

    He is talking about the bat boss where you throw the boomer rang in the corner and it will get stuck and you get easy xp
  2. Shaky

    Castle Crashers Tattoo (serious)

    @ Hellvector the person your going to does some good work
  3. Shaky

    Barbarians and Thieves

    nice work
  4. @jouste I love the expression on orb
  5. Shaky

    You're banned!

    Banned for pointing out simple flaws in people. Banned for pointing out big flaws in people. banned for laughing about it
  6. Shaky

    Castle Crashers: 3 Word Story

    They played some
  7. Shaky

    This is funny

    I got a laugh out of that thanks
  8. Shaky


    I am with you on this one
  9. awww sounds like a ooowwwiiiieee
  10. Shaky

    Animal Orb Ideas @(o.O)@ (New ideas)

    that must have took some time but some coo ideas
  11. nice:!: Im using orange wallpaper
  12. I just don't like the idea of getting something without knowing where or how first. Im with you on that one
  13. Shaky

    Extend your castle. *my webcomic*

    all I got is
  14. I believe it doesn't work as well if you only do Y attacks. X combos tend to get him to work. ive been doin that lately oh well..I guess will keep on keeping on lol