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  1. I really need to post more often. I am so sorry. ;;

    1. Cat Guard

      Cat Guard

      its ok. we wont forget you! ;)

    2. BehemothChicken

      BehemothChicken <----Don't worry...

    3. KirbyWindWaker


      Aww...Thank you! ;w;

      Oh my gosh. I wish I had an endless bag of chips. lol

  2. I live in California~! I actually really like it here. I just wish it wasn't so hot right now. ;; Plus, the whole drought problem...Not good.
  3. Hooray! I'm late, but...Happy Birthday~! *confetti* My favorite boss is the Necromancer. He's just...really cool! I remember freaking out the first time I fought him whenever he brought some of the enemies back to life. It was just chaos! The music is really awesome too!
  4. I haven't said anything here in awhile. ...Uhh...Hi.

  5. Awww yeee~ I'll probably get Alpha Sapphire since I had Sapphire before. All aboard the hype train! Choo choo!
  6. That cupcake thing is adorable. ;; I can't wait to find out more about it at SDCC.
  7. I'm definitely going to get it. I can't pass up this masterpiece.
  8. That Raccalope hat! aaaaa ;w;
  9. Oh! I bought that CC shirt last time it was on sale last year. Only difference is the color of the shirt. The one I bought is on a red shirt.
  10. When I'm not studying, I'm usually on tumblr. I also play some video games. I bought Tales of Symphonia Chronicles yesterday, so I've been playing that. Yeah...Nothing too special. ;;;
  11. I changed mine to Boney like I said I would. lol He's so adorable. : D
  12. I'll probably change mine to Boney from Mother 3. :3 ...If that category wins, of course. ;;;
  13. Oh God. I used to watch this when I was little. I remember liking it just because it's a cartoon based off of a video game. My dad also liked it for some reason.