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  1. Just saw Underworld: Awakening. Story was not bad, execution was too hasty. It felt like it wanted to get as much action into the screen as possible to keep people entertained, and lost lots of the potential moments to input lore and story into this budding series. Action was awesome, though. 7/10
  2. Well, so far, we know some basics: 1) It is in Skyrim, the snowy northern continent of the Nords. 2) The main character is or is associated with someone known as "The Dragonborn". 3) DRAGON(S). Now, all we need to know is what skills there will be this time, if they plan on using that stupid cookie-cutter dungeon maker again (I hope they make each place SOMEWHAT unique, like they did for Fallout 3), the major cities, and the plot.
  3. Denivire


    It sucked. The new one though, Sonic Colors (at least on the DS), is pretty fun, and kicks Sonic Rush in the face, big time. Come to think of it, Sonic 4 was also not bad... I think SEGA is starting to get their act together and is starting to make decent Sonic games again... I don't know if I should be overjoyed, or scared...
  4. Denivire


    Gold lasts as long as Wood for weapons, tools, and armor. The only thing Gold is good for is making gold buildings, to look like a rich bugger, or to recreate the gold palace from Final Fantasy III. Suddenly, I want to make a gold palace that even Goldor would be jealous of. All in favor?
  5. Excuse me, I must change my pants now. [changes pants] ...I AM EXCITED. Thank you.
  6. Denivire


    The latter would fall into the previous category - games that catered to their personal tastes.I daresay this thread wouldn't have been started to ask which game got the most sales. That information is factual - it could easily be looked up and there would be no reason to start a poll about it. So, by process of elimination, it's about individual opinions. But the OP asks "Which games define this generation", which means which games had the largest impact on the general public. This then makes us have to look at which games sold the most copies in that time frame, pick the top [X] games from that list, and then decide which ones affected the general public the most. This is why I said OP needed to do a little editing to his initial post to better clarify what he intended. Now, let's assume the OP stated "which game do you enjoy from the last decade had the biggest impact on you", and we have ourselves what I think the OP was trying to get off.
  7. Denivire


    What about Bioware? Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 were outstanding titles, as well as Dragon Age: Origins. Hell, I still go back and play DA:O from time to time, try out new means of play. I'm putting forward DA:O as a fantastic RPG here. The problem though with this thread is that it's asking which games are the best of the decade 2000-2009, which requires looking into sales. The game that sold the most in that time frame was CoD:MW2, and no one can deny that. So, OP needs a bit of editing to better suit the meaning, because clearly everyone has a little difficulty deciding on if they should put the best game made for them, or for sales/innovation.
  8. Armored gloves should just count as fist weapons. Wouldn't being smacked in the face by a spiked Daedra gauntlet hurt? I'd think so. They should, but they don't. They only act as a medium to know if you are going to do damage to ghosts or not by being enchanted or not. I enjoyed my mage, with no armor skill. Why waste a skill I can use on another school of magic?
  9. ... yeah, Elsweyr would rock... You know what? I tried doing fist fighting on Oblivion. It got stupid after a while, where I couldn't enchant my gloves to do MORE DAMAGE upon swinging, oh no. No, instead, they can only be enchanted to bolster your defense or some stats in some manner, but they needed to be enchanted to do ANY damage to monsters immune to normal weapons (high-level daedra, ghosts, etc.), making these enemies pointless to fight, even after 100+ fist fighting, because they just barely feel it, or regenerate at a rate that makes the fight last waaay too long. So, brass knuckles (or just any fist-weapon) please?
  10. Anything I haven't played yet. Yes, I want to play that really crappy Truck racing game ("Big Rigs Off Road" or something like that). Yes, I want to play all the Barbie and Tinkerbell games. Yes, I want to play E.T on the Atari 2600 (ouch). Until I play it, I cannot say how bad it is with honesty (or good, for that matter). There is no greater experience than personal experience, and until I have played it, I'll keep it in mind as a game to play.
  11. The location I'm assuming is going to be the Summerset Isles, mainly because of how much they reference them and their current woes in Oblivion. The clothing and speech mannerisms are all area and race dependent, as well as clothing. Example Morrowind was a muddy location surrounding a giant volcano housing a demi-god, a plague, and zombies (technically), so that location is gonna have rough words, sturdy yet non-fashionable attire (on the majority), and strong, enduring people. Cyrodil is the main capital and central hub point for all the races, so it mixes everything up into one type of environment. Summerset is home of the high elves, who are highly sophisticated and eloquent, so Summerset would probably have a larger assortment of "fashion", more detailed carvings and runes in armor and weapons, and the people probably talk like a bunch of rich people who are so full of themselves, the only things left in their head is ego.
  12. If they add multiplayer, they better get it done right, or not done at all. I don't want to sit through a game of multiplayer that sucks, and the rest of the game is not that great because they spent so much time on getting the multiplayer working. That kind of nonsense killed so many games that had potential, like Fable II. So, if they add Multiplayer, they need to set it up like Diablo II in terms of gameplay and questing; one person makes a room, and all main storyline quests run off of them, but side-quests are per person, room has a limit to number of people in it. At least this way they can add HUGE enemies like dragons and giant ogres that demand cooperation, and serve for some awesome game-play.
  13. I think you should rent it first, as it's a hit or miss for people. I personally love Fable III and still play it from time to time just to finish off that last 10 achievements, and still enjoy the storyline and gameplay. The maps are what they SHOULD have been, as well as the multiplayer, for Fable II, magic works great in it, and JOHN CLEESE is your butler, Jasper. JOHN. CLEESE. Only gripe I have with it is the 2 achievements for marrying another player over LIVE, and having a kid with them. So many jokes and remarks come from it when you have a bunch of friends who are extremely homophobic, considering it's just a game, who cares.
  14. It's open beta dude, it's not gonna be the best zombie mmorpg ever Exactly, Beta, not Alpha. In the alpha, it's completely acceptable to have no story, no proper leveling, etc., but in Beta, it means they got at least half of it done, and are mostly fixing it, polishing it, and adding small bits of content. Sorry, but without a story outside of "There was a zombie outbreak, the city is screwed, go kill zombies now with other people", maybe some things that tell you how it happened, what caused it, how to fix it, etc, or possibly something new (MMO is not really "new"), it's just another Zombie survival game that fits in with the rest of them, boring after 5 minutes.
  15. That was the point of the ending, it was designed as a way to tell people that without lots of time and hard work, you cannot keep all the promises you make, that sometimes you might have to make bad decisions for the greater good. Call it a hash of an educational method, but it still should get the point across. Also, the character customization in this one was about the same, save for spells being done a bit different (although leveling up magic so you can get to higher level spells faster was done better than Fable II), although the clothes selection was a tad bit better (my main guy looked like the Burger King, apparently), and the Weapons I liked more in Fable III, since the augmentation idea was rather crummy with the poor selection of augments you could collect, seeing after silver, fire, and shock augments, everything else tended to boast a good and a bad effect that half of them canceled each-other out, filling the weapon with useless gems.