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  1. thiS Topic ARe The fun! And its GuAranteed to brIng aNyone a smile!
  2. I think the best thing may be to lock this thread up. It is too similar to the "guess the release date" thread. (viewtopic.php?f=15&t=10484&start=30) Also, since I, not any of the mods DO NOT work for The Behemoth, we cannot confirm nor deny if this date is valid at all, and that had nothing to do with why I am locking this up. We know just as much as all you mortals do. So far, they have announced 2010 as a release date. Locky.
  3. Plants vs Zombies can haz my money right now! I have it on steam (got the golden sunflower trophy) and I have logged about 60+ hours on it! I LOVE that game! I don't know how its going to work on the xbox 360 with the controllers and how responsive it may be. Collecting sunlight, picking seed packets, etc. may seem a bit harder. The idea of cruising to my friends houses to see their decorations and garden gnomes(?) is kind of cool. Co-op and vs modes seem like an awesome idea and 1080p FTW. Take my money NAO PopCap! I also hope we get the video "There's a Zombie on my lawn"...
  4. You are banned because you used the albino pikmin picture!
  5. I played both Indigo Prophecy back in the original Xbox and I liked that game a lot. At the time, there was really no other game like it. It was a pretty deep story, the controls were very different then everything else on the xbox at that time and the decisions you made in the game changes the whole story around. I remember if you played the game incorrectly, the game could litererally end like in 10 minutes. But it was a cool game, kept me going until the end, even when the story did kind of take a dramatic change towards the sci-fi side but it was enjoyable. I still own in and it is backwards compatible on the 360 if you want to check it out. I also played and beat Heavy Rain on the PS3 and I liked the overall experience that brought as well. It just felt like a really polished version of Indigo Prophecy with updated visuals and a different story. It was a bit more emotional with the involvement of the kid (Jason!) and I like the playing different characters part as well. They are both enjoyable games but you have to like those types of games, otherwise you just wont enjoy it as much. Give them both a shot and report back. Have fun!
  6. Here is my opinion and of course, you all know what I say has nothing to do with what The Behemoth are thinking, saying, creating, brainstorming, constructing, working on, soul to the devil selling, etc. EPIC!
  7. Give me GENO from super Mario RPG or give me death!
  8. I just thought this was HILARIOUS! My name is in there (with some numbers) How could you not remember *911* Good luck in an emergency! I (sadly) only remember the troublemakers on here and the TB staff and my comrads, the rest of the mods.
  9. Today is Kelly's day. She is a pirate after all...
  10. So, Scaler has not been banned, he and Tyson5000 are duking it out, they have been for days now, the winner shall be victorius but I doubt they will retrurn here for their names have been shamed. Or something like that... Hey Denivire, you forgot that "person" that claimed to be a 14 year old girl that had gotten **cough cough** by her Dad, so she was seeking help out here in the forums. That was all kinds of weird. Im sure there are many other we just can't think of, but all in all, this is just an example of how you can come in here and waste your time, and get banned. There is no glory or honor in that. Boo for all of you on that list...
  11. Per OP request, I am locky locky.
  12. GT: Chicken Hounk Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Domination Most weeknights (PST) Me and a group of good buddies play together just for fun. We are not seriously good but we are just OK, we like to talk smack and all that to each other to keep our fun going. We are all over 18 and curse a lot but it's all in good fun (No kids please unless you are mature and can handle a "bar type" atmosphere). If you want to join up, send me a message and let me know you are from here. Also we use the Clan tag "CLAN" See you online!
  13. I have the game but I do not play it much, If I am on I could probably help you get some cheevos on this game. Feel free to add me. I am busy tonight though, but when I am on, just shoot a reminder to me. Also locking topic per your request.
  14. Don't need a code or nothin' just stopped by to wish you a happy birthday! Same as Comp0, I want in on that pink knight.